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Steel Prefabricated structure


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Square Trusses


Steel Prefabricated structure

Square Truss - Exhibition stands, temporary shops, stages, public events and architectural sites.‎ Thanks to their modularity and versatility, our trussing systems can help you create the most suitable metal structure for your present and future needs.‎

The mechanical properties of steel as well as its high tensile strength and sturdiness are the reasons we have chosen it to manufacture our trusses.‎ It is the most suitable material in terms of durability, adaptability, elasticity, resistance to wear and galvanic corrosion - its thermal expansion is half that of aluminium.‎ Its greater load capacity enables us to produce trusses with a narrower section than those in aluminium.‎ As a result, for an equivalent length, the weight will be practically the same.‎

Besides the mechanical resistance of steel, surface coating treatments can contribute to build long-lasting structures.‎ Depending on the position and use of the structure, you can choose from electrogalvanization, cataphoresis and epoxy powder painting for indoor structures and hotdip galvanization, electrogalvanization and cataphoresis in addition to polyester painting for outdoor structures.‎

Legislative reference: Italian Ministerial Decree of 17 January 2018 (NTC 2018).‎

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