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Shower cabins

The shower cabin is the protagonist of continuous stylistic and material experimentation and, to date, is among the elements that best contribute to the success of a bathroom furnishing project. The shower enclosure is continuously revisited in a modern key with products that offer material combinations and mixes of colours and finishes suitable to insert it in a wide variety of contexts. While in the past showers were synonymous with speed and race against time, now shower boxes and shower enclosures can also offer the opportunity to enjoy a moment of total relaxation, thanks to large interiors, modern profiles and design with essential or softer lines. Simple maintenance and versatility, even in complex installation situations, are the added values that make them ideal for bathrooms of all sizes.

Boxes and shower enclosures to furnish your bathroom

Different models of shower enclosures are available on the market: a good idea could be to make a masonry structure, perhaps in a corner of the room. The corner shower enclosure models are ideal for bathrooms of the most diverse styles, confirming the high functionality of the wall support and the care for aesthetics. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to live in a fairly large apartment and have a large bathroom, you can opt for a centre shower box or a two-places shower cabin.
The models of niche shower enclosures are indicated instead in those bathroom environments where you find yourself using a shower enclosure between two walls or between a wall and a fixed glass wall. Compact and functional even in a small service environment, this model is ideal for those who like to relax or want a design solution. Walk-in showers, on the other hand, are typically characterized by the presence of one or two shower walls and a shower tray. Not only do they provide a practical shower solution for all age groups, especially for those with limited mobility, but they are also perfectly adaptable to any bathroom, modern or traditional.
For those who want to live an experience of care and relaxation, it is possible to opt for a shower box with Turkish bath: a real way to conceive daily well-being and live an experience that has no comparison. The range of multifunctional shower boxes available on the market is also enriched with other treatments, such as shower cabins with hydromassage, aromatherapy and chromotherapy, in order to create a mini SPA up to every desire, even in confined spaces. All modern shower enclosures and cabins represent a prestigious place, where every aspect is taken care of and every detail is important, studied down to the smallest detail. Because it has to offer the ultimate in pleasure, technology, design and performance.

Shower cabins: cutting-edge structures and materials

Shapes, colours and materials have an important influence on the choice of a shower enclosure. From the classic style shower enclosure collections to the most exclusive design shower cabin solutions that range from pentagonal, semi-circular or spiral models: most shower enclosures are available in a wide range of sizes, some with several centimetres of adaptability, to satisfy every request, allowing the furnishing of every type of bathroom and space. As far as materials are concerned, shower enclosures usually have a metal structure in aluminium profiles, designed to adapt to the size of the shower tray. Among the most popular models inside a modern bathroom are the tempered glass or glass shower enclosures, synonyms of maximum strength and safety, because, in case of breakage, they would shatter into many non-edible fragments because they have no spikes. In addition, the anti-drip treatments allow to overcome the problem of limescale that forms on the surface of the glass, making the cleaning operations of these boxes much easier. Shower cabins with steel profiles also stand out for their elegance and clean lines: steel is an easy to clean material, it is highly hygienic and has a strong resistance to corrosion. But when talking about the shower enclosure material it is important to talk about the plate material as well. There are many possibilities here too: from resin to classic tiles, from mosaic to fibreglass. The choice depends above all on the taste and the final effect you want to achieve.

Doors and accessories of shower enclosures

When you want to purchase a shower enclosure it is essential to calculate the dimensions well: it is not enough to consider the overall dimensions of the shower tray, but it is also necessary to evaluate the space for opening the enclosure. Therefore, choosing the direction of an opening is fundamental. Shower enclosures with sliding opening or shower boxes with folding doors are to be preferred when the space inside the enclosure is small. The shower enclosures with hinged door that opens outwards, easy to clean and with a beautiful visual impact, is suitable for large rooms, while the one that opens inwards is perfect if the space outside is very small.
For daily well-being and maximum comfort we also offer shower cabins equipped with essential accessories, such as seats and seats, ideal for those who have some motor difficulties or those who need to wash in total relaxation, or non-slip platforms and handrail bars.
Inside the box are also very useful and practical so-called soap kits, which allow you to have at hand and then ready to use all the products necessary for hygiene in the shower, or shelves. The choice of the shower head is also important: the water flow allows us to benefit from a natural water jet, similar to rain, or softer and more delicate as a caress of warm water on the body.

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