Shower panels

Shower panels are probably the element that weighs the most when choosing how the shower will look like. This is not only due to aesthetic reasons, but especially to the numerous accessories one can choose based on personal tastes and needs and that can transform an ordinary and simple moment into an experience of sheer wellness. Shower panels in their most elementary configuration are composed of a floor drain, a pole taking water up to the overhead showers and a pipe that controls the water emission. This basic composition has gone through transformation and evolution over time resulting in several typologies endowed with plenty of accessories. Moreover, depending on the type of installation, showers can feature a wallbar or a real panel unit, or, as for the in-wall versions, only the essential elements are in sight.

How to choose a shower panel? Types and materials

Models for shower panels vary first of all based on the kind of installation. They can be mounted on the floor, on the wall or recessed. Except for the recessed version, they can feature a shower wallbar with hand shower for a more efficient rinsing, or they can take the shape of real panel units with a number of accessories, including models with integrated hydromassage.
Normally, modern models feature a large and flat structure with the overhead as an extension of the panel. The ever larger dimension of shower panels is not a mere aesthetic factor; a big overhead grants a wide and well distributed jet. Shower panels can be made of stainless steel, thus enduring, can be limescale-proof and with a nice aesthetics, thanks to the diverse surface finishes, from polished to brushed. Very interesting are those made of composite, acrylic-based materials like Duralight® or Corian®, which are easy to model, nontoxic, non porous, hygienic and resistant to abrasion.

Thermostatic, multi-function and with hydromassage shower panels

Shower panels efficiently combine design and functionality, so to enable free access to several extra accessories in full comfort and safety. Thermostatic shower panels keep the temperature constant, preventing from accidental burning or sudden and displeasing cold jets. The mechanism activates thanks to the thermostatic valve that mixes cold and hot water and maintains the pre-set temperature. The valve is very sensitive to possible changes in temperature and pressure and closes in case of cold water interruptions to avert burning. Water temperature is kept constant even when the tap is turned off and on again, with sizable benefits in terms of safety, comfort, and water efficiency.
Multifunction shower panels are designed to offer a high degree of comfort. Modern design models come with a number of extra accessories, like led lights for chromotherapy and spouts for the diffusion of essences for aromatherpy, whereas a panel with integrated speakers allows to listen to music while taking a shower. Furthermore, modern showers panels feature digital control panels to control water pressure and temperature and purposed buttons for chromotherapy or the radio. Hydromassage shower panels feature plenty side showers with aimed and adjustable sprays. The most sophisticated models allow to chose among different types of massages (vertical, lymphatic drainage, cervical and even plantar), but also Scottish shower, Turkish bath, refreshing fog.

The design of modern shower panels

Contemporary bathroom design look at linearity, light distribution and an elegant minimalism. In this setting, shower cabins are mostly fully transparent, leaving the panel in view; hence the latter needs to be picked with deep care to harmonize with the surrounding environment.
The shower was originally born as a fallback solution for those who could not allow themselves a bathtub for space reasons. Over time it has evolved till becoming a purposeful choice and it has been enriched with accessories that make it a tool for personal well-being. Although still today bathtubs carry a great fascination (we think of wellness centers and hydromassage tubs), showers bring several benefits that go beyond space-saving, compared to bathtubs. In the first place, showers considerably reduce water consumption, ensure a better hygiene since water flows and does not stagnate and can be more comfortably used by people with limited mobility. Generally, a shower is composed of a shower tray and a cabin that circumscribe it from the rest of the bathroom; however the main part is certainly represented by the plant component that allows the water to flow at the desired temperature and mode and that washes and relaxes. This component, which is comparable to taps, corresponds in fact to the shower panel.

Shower panels for the outdoor

If you have a pool or spa, you cannot do without an outdoor shower. Taking a shower before entering the pool is useful to keep it cleaner, while after the bath you need to remove chlorine from the skin.
Available in different models, showers can have one or more jets, can be fixed or movable and in some cases they can be endowed with a heating system that is connected to solar panels. With regards to materials, the choice can fall on the typical stainless steel showers, but it is also possible to install outdoor showers in aluminum, teak wood or PVC; in the latter case there are plenty of colors to choose from.

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