Shower taps

Buying shower taps for the bathroom is a task that generates many doubts. However, a large percentage of these doubts relate to the comfort, durability and technology that shower taps can offer. These indispensable accessories, like all taps and fittings, are an important design element but, above all, they represent the heart of the functionality of a shower. Aesthetics, comfort and quality are three fundamental factors in choosing the most suitable shower fittings. First of all, the design must match the lines of the cabin or shower room and, more generally, of the furniture. Modern overhead showers, for example, dress the environment with modernity and create a space that unconsciously recalls the concept of the bathroom as a wellness area. Choosing an external or built-in mixer, on the other hand, makes the tapware functional, allowing rapid temperature adjustment and reducing water waste. Before deciding on the model and material of the faucet, however, it is essential to pay attention to the shape of the shower itself and the materials that make it up, so as not to risk making mistakes with incompatible dimensions and styles that are too different. The faucet must then be combined with the right shower head, which will complete the shower with innovative shapes and modes of water delivery, offering real relaxing experiences.

Shower taps: how to choose the right model also according to the characteristics of the bathroom

The first factor to consider when choosing a shower tap is the type of control. In this respect, you will have to consider whether to choose a faucet or a shower mixer. If you prefer to mix the flow of hot and cold water yourself, you can choose a two-lever tap with at least 2 holes for the two knobs, and a hand shower. To allow a more comfortable use of the shower, it is also advisable to install a shower head, either wall-mounted or with a ceiling arm. In this case you can choose a tap with two-way diverter, in order to divert the flow from the hand shower to the shower head. It is an aesthetically beautiful and unobtrusive solution. Managing the direction of the water flow, thanks to a non-fixed nozzle such as the hand shower, which has a hose, makes it easier to better control the water jet. Depending on the model, the shower can be water-saving or anti-scale. As an alternative to the tap you can opt for a mixer, particularly convenient because the water is mixed inside the body of the tap. There are two types: the external shower mixer, generally formed, in addition to the knob, by two hot and cold-water outlets. This shower element makes installation easier, as no major masonry work is required; maintenance in the event of breakage will also be simplified. The concealed shower mixer is excellent for shower enclosures with small and limited spaces, since the entire body is hidden inside the wall and only the knob is exposed. Certainly, a more elegant and less cumbersome solution which, on the other hand, has a more elaborate assembly phase and more expensive maintenance, as it involves the removal and installation of the bathroom tiles. One possibility that should definitely be taken into consideration is the choice of the thermostatic mixer. This object allows you to adjust the water temperature as you wish and for the duration of the shower. Thanks to two knobs it is possible to regulate both the flow of the water jet and its temperature. The thermostat also offers considerable advantages: greater comfort in the shower, greater safety, thanks to protection against accidental burns, and lower water consumption, as the water is at the desired temperature from the first moment. In mechanical thermostats, the controls and the thermostatic valve are connected together, while in the new generation, digital thermostats, these devices are operated through a remote control with wireless technology, installable in any position. The keys allow you to set both the desired temperature and water flow.

Shower taps and fittings: style and materials

Shower taps and fittings are made of different materials, although the most used are two: plastic and metal. The plastic is predominantly chrome-plated ABS, which is maintenance-free and fairly economical. Metal, on the other hand, is the main material of shower taps: we find the most classic brass taps or the most modern shower taps in brushed stainless steel or stainless steel with chrome plating. According to every need, it is possible to choose between different shower sets that present themselves as very functional solutions. The design of the shower faucets is also important and generally depends on the style of bathroom furniture that has been chosen. A classic shower faucet is particularly suitable for traditional contexts, to be combined with showers decorated with gold or bronze finishes, curved lines, chrome, star knobs and shower heads with arched arms. A modern shower tap is available in a minimalist design: a chromotherapy or hydromassage shower head, a MultiJet hand shower and a shower set with diverter and chromed plate will complete the shower cabin to enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation. One thing of fundamental importance with regard to chromotherapy and hydromassage is to know the type of water pressure you have at home to assess which taps to buy. If, in fact, the water pressure is not between 3 and 5 bar, it will not be easy to use several water outlets.

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