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283 Shower wallbars

The shower wallbar is one of the useful components to equip the shower space, it is a support that allows to make versatile the use of the hand shower fixing it at a height that can be adapted to the different statues of those who use the shower. A shower wallbar is a design product usually consisting of a rod, two wall mounting brackets, and a central hand shower support. In some kits there are shower wallbars with a hand shower, connection hose and a soap dish. The hand shower stand can be moved along the pole, so there is no precise height for mounting an up and down. It is good, however, to make sure that the hand shower, in a higher position, is less than 2m from the shower tray. Choosing good quality materials for the shower rod guarantees a longer life of the product in a variety of shapes and styles.

Shower wallbars: function and design

The shower wallbar is a functional product that makes it more comfortable to use the shower. Object of stylistic and material experimentation, it is produced in a series of models with a different design, designed to fit into any context, from classic to modern bathroom. Generally speaking, contemporary products are characterized by stylized shapes, often with chrome or satin-finish steel.
Those who prefer minimalist aesthetics and linear shapes will find the ideal option in the stainless steel shower wallbars which, being made of a high-performance material, ensure durability over time and maximum hygiene. In terms of style, they are ideal for modern bathrooms and for lovers of tapware with a satin effect.
A great classic adaptable to all taps and fittings are the shower wallbars in chromed brass, this material in fact for performance and cost is the most widely used. The chromed shower wallbars are ideal for those who prefer mirror polished and reflective surfaces as well as being the right choice for those who want elaborate colours and shapes. The brass processing, in fact, allows a wide freedom in the choice of the final design and allows the production of classical shower bars.

How to replace a shower wallbar

Over time it may become necessary to replace the shower wallbar, both for the continuous use of the product and because in the renovation of a bathroom, the shower enclosure and its accessories are the focus of the renovation of the environment.
Wanting to give a new touch to a space, in fact, there is no need for invasive works but small tricks that the eye cannot help but notice and renew the faucets and the shower set could be the ideal solution to improve the perception of the entire environment giving it new life.
It is important to know that the replacement of the shower wallbar is not complicated at all and thanks to some small basic rules it is possible to proceed in total autonomy. It will not be necessary to touch the water system of our bathroom or modify it in any way, as all types of ups and downs on the market are equipped with universal water supply connections.
The first operation to do, as for all the operations on the bathroom accessories, is to momentarily close the taps that bring water, after which you must remove the two caps that hide the screws of our old shower wallbar and proceed with the removal from the walls.
In principle the height parameter can remain that of the old up and down, but if we have different needs, it is good practice to give a general rule for measuring the height of a new installation. In general, the highest part of the ups and downs, which corresponds to the distance between the top cap of the bar and the shower tray, varies from 200 to 220 cm.
Once the maximum height has been established, it is necessary to accurately measure the centre distance for the 2 holes into which the dowels supplied in all the shower wallbar kits will fit, fix the lower support and then the upper one. Before completing the fixing operation, do not forget to insert the hand shower support into the shower rod and any accessories chosen to complete the shower corner.

The accessories suitable for shower wallbars

Depending on your needs, you can choose whether to install a basic shower wallbar, equipped with the essential components, i. e. the rod itself and the hand shower support, or try to enrich the product by opting for accessories that would enhance it as well as the form in the function.
Together with the hand shower, in order to make the shower enclosure immediately usable, it will be necessary to take into consideration the shower wallbars with flexible hose: kits equipped with flexible hose and hand shower are the most requested as they are equipped with a product complete with all its components. If the intention is to concentrate the entire shower function in a single element, it is worth considering the shower wallbars with water inlet. The water inlet, which can coincide with one of the mounting plugs of the rod, will connect directly to the hose of the hand shower and will allow the passage of water without the need for additional holes in the wall.
Not to be confused, however, with the shower columns that provide for the passage of water in the bar itself and the presence of a shower head at the top.
At the pinnacle of functionality together with all these features to be considered in our kit will certainly be the shower wallbars with soap dish and storage rack, supports that will complete our shower corner with a touch of essentiality and design.

Shower sliding rails for every bathroom style

The importance and functionality of shower sliding rails in the furnishing of the shower has given rise to a catalogue of proposals to meet any need, even the stylistic one.
The ups and downs can thus integrate with the taste of the surrounding space whether you are looking for shower wallbars in modern or classic style.
For a contemporary bathroom the square and minimalist shapes are certainly ideal, the ultra-flat shower wallbars will therefore be the right choice to ensure a certain stylistic continuity with the surrounding environment.
Alternatively, the classic style shower wallbars, with their soft, rounded lines, will give a chic touch to the shower cubicle and represent the ideal choice for vintage and romantic bathrooms in which to dare with antique brass finishes. ... More ... less
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