Sicis GLIMMER Glass mosaic




Glass mosaic

Reflections of the future.‎ A mother-of-pearl effect on a transparent base.‎ This is the essential feature of Glimmer, the new Sicis collection of glass mosaics with iridescent surfaces and intangible crystal reflections.‎ Laying out a mosaic surface with these characteristics creates something reminiscent of certain stretches of water, where the surface tension creates a play of rainbow-like colors, which change with the light and the direction of your glance.‎ Why not then, transfer this magical inconstancy of light and transparency onto the walls of buildings, so physical and material? With Glimmer, Sicis handles the concept of a surface, not as a two-dimensional ‘field’ to be decorated, but as a means of changing the perception of a structure and enhancing what it truly is: volume and space, light and shade, identity and expressive power.‎ Yet again, the desire is to exceed the limits imposed by standard practice by moving into territories where the imperative is research and experimentation.‎ But this is nothing new for Sicis whose very DNA is in harmony with forward-looking wavelengths.‎

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