Sicis COSMATI Marble mosaic




Marble mosaic

Art and memory run through the surface smoothed by time, laying light steps on marble carpets and lingering over an intriguing play on shapes and colours in the search for eternal harmony.‎ Inspired by the artisan knowledge of the Cosmati family, this collection blends the same mastery that from Lorenzo to Jacopo , from Deodato to Giovanni, has been handed down in Rome for four generations through the 12th and 13th centuries.‎ A mastery that still today continues to fascinate those who walk through the naves of the most beautiful Romanesque basilicas and turn their gaze to their feet.‎ The Cosmati floor mosaics conquer both eyes and emotions.‎ The geometries and the masterful technique are perfected in the prestigious materials, expressed in a true aesthetic experience.‎ An all-extraordinary fascination that in the Middle Ages was already well beyond the boundaries of Rome, stretching as far as to cover the altar of London’s Westminster Abbey.‎ The Cosmati collection offers up a vast horizon of application, suited to the greatly varied designs needs and tastes, for both indoor and outdoor use.‎ Traditional solutions and two exclusive new features: the total White and absolute Black lines giving rise to extraordinary chromatic effects on a single colour dominant, thanks to the alternation of polished and matt surfaces, the thickened iridescent glass engraving.‎

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