SIKURHOME IBRIDA® 2.0 Strong Sliding motorized solar shading




Sliding motorized solar shading

The IBRIDA®2.‎0 Strong Armored Sunscreen grate could be inserted in place of the existing rolling shutter without additional costs for masonry interventions.‎ As a sunscreen, it is one of a kind thanks to the inclusion of many technical devices that unequivocally raise its quality and performance.‎ Ibrida®2.‎0 Strong is definitely the MAXIMUM of SAFETY and is unrivaled on the market.‎

The STRONG version of the IBRIDA2.‎0® was created to offer maximum resistance to burglary as it is ultra-reinforced.‎ Furthermore, if for renovation, it is equipped with a sliding counter-guide that fits into the guide of the existing shutter.‎ If new construction, it is equipped with a monoblock guide.‎ The shell of the individual bands is made of extruded aluminum with a galvanized steel square bar inside, special drill-proof and cut-resistant steel sheet, hardened and case-hardened steel cut-resistant rod, air/water/light seal gasket, lock and kit steel anti-lift.‎ A true mix of features that guarantee high efficiency and innovation, without ever neglecting the unique, essential and functional design.‎ The IBRIDA2.‎0® sunscreen grate can be configured with a maximum interspace between the bands of your choice between mm.‎ 30, 40 or 60.‎ Furthermore, in order to satisfy the different needs of the aesthetic taste, the IBRIDA2.‎0® Strong is produced in two different models: FLAT and CURVED.‎

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2500 (Max total width) x 2600 (Max light height) mm

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