Lamp with rechargeable battery

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Lamp with rechargeable battery


Etched glass, Die Cast Aluminium

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Since ancient times the clay brick has accompanied the history of architecture until almost identifying itself with it. Even today it is one of the most used material for its high and multiple qualities in terms of static, insulation, lifespan, shape, texture, chromatic wealth. Especially nowadays where biocompatibility and environmental sustainability along with the requirements for environmental soundproofing have become essential, the brick stands out as one of the materials closest to earth.
In more recent times glass has given a concrete contribution to the solution of the relation between void and fullness, between light and shadow. With the development of the technology that exploited the amazing qualities, glass has become more and more a leading actor on the architectural scene: an inclusive structural material, thanks to processing, coating and connections.

The Brick Light project originates from the composition of these two elements, the material of glass and the shape of the brick: the research, and in a certain way the provocation of SIMES expresses its own interpretation in designing an element that has accompanied humanity in its constructive progress over the last 5000 years. Their main features are being kept unchanged till now. Brick light makes light becoming a structural element and through the shape of the brick it acquires its own materiality to define and to increase the value of the volumes of the architecture

Brick Light camouflages itself with the brick texture not only by taking on the form and the dimensions of the brick, but also by adopting the same modes of handling, assembly and installation thanks to its characteristics of resistance and manageability. The restrained and basic archetype form allows a perfect integration in walls. It is endlessly declinable and talks together with the rhythm of the surfaces and appropriate lighting needs designed for integration with exposed brick surfaces such as:

exterior and interior
flush with walls, recessed or protruding
on a flat masonry or curvilinear wall
concave or convex
at the center or at an edge
isolated or arranged
at intervals or in a continuous line
free or according to a plan

Its compact geometry and its adaptability to enter into and identifying itself with the masonry itself, along with the solid glass, make it performant in terms of maintenance, perishability over time and resistance against vandalism.

BRICK LIGHT With rechargeable battery

Luminaire operating on Lithium polymers fed Battery via a micro USB plug with a maximum power (battery version) of 8 hours to be used as a portable decorative luminaire for the exterior.
ON-OFF switch concealed at the bottom of the base and lateral three step (30% - 70%- 100%) dimming switch.
Supplied with Micro USB cable. Power supply 230V available on request.

Materials: acid-etched pressed glass and die-cast aluminum
Protection class: IP65

Further info from manufacturer on BRICK LIGHT
Bim and Cad
3D Studio MAX
Bim Handbook

Brick Light Collection by SIMES
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