Sinks and kitchen taps

Sinks and taps are key elements in a kitchen, not only for their merely practical and functional purpose, but also because they add on to the final outcome of a furniture project, thanks to the variety of shapes and materials available. Kitchen sinks can be made of classic materials, such as stainless steel and ceramics, or of innovative ones, such as Corian®. As for kitchen taps, these must have a much higher neck compared to other types of taps, so to allow a maximum exploitation of the sink depth. The most popular kitchen taps at present are countertop taps, which are fixed on kitchen countertops or on sinks

Materials, shapes and characteristics of kitchen sinks

Sinks come in a range of different materials and are furniture elements with a versatile design, conceived to meet both aesthetic and functional needs. Stainless steel sinks are the most demanded, since this type of material is hygienic and long-lasting and because it is as resistant to high temperatures, as to rust. Ceramics kitchen sinks feature an ecological material, easy to clean and immune to germs. On top of that, it does not absorb smells. Corian® kitchen sinks are innovative products available in models of different shapes and pleasant to the touch; they feature different colors and are resistant to molds and scratches. Eventually, natural stone kitchen sinks are also an option, although they require a careful maintenance, due to the composition of the material itself.

How to choose kitchen taps. Aesthetics and functionality

Kitchen taps are critical for the aesthetic -and functional- result of a furniture project, both in the case of a modern kitchen and for a space with a classic appeal. Kitchen taps typologies fall under two main categories, being countertop and wall-mounted kitchen taps. Kitchen countertop taps can be installed either on the kitchen countertop, or on the sink, while wall-mounted taps are fixed against the wall. The most common material chosen for kitchen taps is stainless steel, although brass looks perfect in a classic kitchen environment. ... More ... less ... More ... less ... More ... less

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