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Wall-Mounted beam seating

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ON | Wall-Mounted beam seating By Sitland




Wall-Mounted beam seating



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Wellbeing and creativity, technology and colour.‎ ON is an original seating system for various kinds of spaces.‎ It is a seat that inspires and gives shape to the most varied aesthetic and functional experiences: communal, collaborative, training and transit spaces.‎ The simple shape of the seat allows countless colour solutions and encloses a system with “patent pending” for movement management and lifting adjustment.‎

ON is a project that encourages an active and dynamic seating position.‎ An invisible system, concealed in the original disc seat, allows a 3D movement that guarantees the utmost stability while stimulating the mind and the body.‎ With its 360° movement, the ON seat allows the user to find the most comfortable upright position.‎ It follows the body when it moves and keeps it active by stimulating the muscles.‎

ON features minimalist lines and invisible technology with no visible connecting elements or mechanical coupling elements.‎ In the adjustable versions, the ON seat acts as a lever for height adjustment: when a slight upward pressure is exerted ON any point of the seat bottom, a gas-lift device is activated that allows the user to adjust the chair to different heights according to needs thanks to a perfectly integrated system.‎

ON is not only comfortable.‎ The ON seat is a furnishing accessory that encourages creativity and offers countless modular solutions, starting from a single element: the seat.‎ ON can be fully customised in the colours of plastic elements and the seat upholstery, available in a wide range of fabrics and colours.‎ A simple hooking system allows ON to be attached to any type of base, thus meeting the most varied functional needs: a fixed stool with 4 legs, a height-adjustable stool, stackable seats, benches with and without a backrest, and sectional and modular systems for meetings, etc.‎

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