Direct light Copperflex desk lamp

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Direct light Copperflex desk lamp


Brass, Copperflex

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Overlay lamp combines sinuous, minimal design with an artisan writing instrument rest built directly into the base, that serves as the lamp’s on and off switch.
Montblanc and Slamp believe that an inspirational design object’s beauty should envelop, creating not only suggestive attraction but positive, non-invasive interaction, qualities that define both of their identities. Overlay exudes simple elegance, quietly urging productivity. Analogia Project’s design does so flawlessly using a brass body and base, topped off by layers of Slamp’s patented materials, precisely cut to create a warm palette of varying densities.The main light source, as well as a courtesy light located in the base, create solid illumination on any surface without disturbing the atmosphere, creating a peaceful, minimal niche for contemplative work. The brushed Copperflex® adds a refined richness to the minimal shade, furthering the sensual plays of light.
The lamp base features an innovative magnetic rest for any Montblanc writing instrument, that when removed, automatically turns the lamp on. When put back in its place, the lamp turns off.
Both Slamp and Montblanc pride themselves in handcrafted artisan products that use progressive technology and sustainable materials, combined with understated yet iconic design.

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