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Cosmo Bunny is an artistic object ideal for both contemporary indoor environments and outdoor gardens.‎ Its cute and eccentric appearance recalls at the same time references to the rabbit of Alice in Wonderland, Greek mythology and, of course, our childhood memories.‎ Cosmo Bunny is the perfect match between childlike innocence and powerful artistic message.‎
Cosmo Bunny was born in 2008 from the encounter between the Japanese artist Aki Kuroda and Giò Colonna Romano, founder of SLIDE, as part of the SLIDE Art project, in which the combination of art and design reaches its climax in terms of creativity and research.‎
The artwork, produced in limited numbers, became a design object in January 2023, coinciding with the advent of the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.‎
It was thanks to Yoyo Maeght, who fell in love with the sculpture and decided to participate in the project, that Cosmo Bunny became what it is now.‎
Yoyo Maeght is at the same time gallery owner, publisher, curator, judge, teacher and author of books including the best seller La Saga Maeght.‎ Yoyo Maeght conceives exhibitions which she curates, selects works, designs as well as the editorial follow-up of catalogues.‎ She is involved in communication and promotion, by bringing together sponsors, partners and media around her projects.‎ Her grandfather, Aimé Maeght, creator of the Maeght Foundation, bequeathed her his audacity, his determination and his passion for all forms of art.‎ She was administrator of the Maeght Foundation, the Maeght Gallery and CEO of Maeght Éditeur.‎ Her passion for modern and contemporary art, her expertise and her desire to promote culture have led her to organize exhibitions for museums and art centres, both in France and abroad.‎ She is also a company director in the cultural and artistic field, between the public and private sector.‎
“Be it for its charismatic strength, its bright colours or its friendly appearance, Cosmo Bunny was selected to be exhibited by Yoyo Maeght.‎
The Salone del Mobile.‎Milan in April was also an important stage for Cosmo Bunny, which stood out among SLIDE's new proposals for its pop soul and irreverence.‎ Last but not least, in May this rabbit-shaped object was presented in the park of the Château de Chantilly on the occasion of the Journée des Plantes, by Yoyo Maeght.‎ Finally, an official presentation during the last Paris Design Week was made at See Galerie in September 2023.‎
Aki Kuroda, the designer of Cosmo Bunny, took part in this presentation.‎ Born in Kyoto in 1944, Kuroda started painting since he was 3 years old.‎ When he was a child, he was fascinated by the surrealist magazine “Minotaure” that his father received from Paris.‎ He exhibited for the first time when he was 10 years old.‎ Since then Aki Kuroda freely develops his artistic research in painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, set design, installation, performance or happening.‎ Cosmo Bunny could be made in 100% recyclable polyethylene, with the technology of rotational moulding, and it is presented also in Stardust finishing, a special mix of 100% recycled black polyethylene, derived from old products, adding gold glitter, for a more sparkling and dreamy effect.‎

Material: 100% recyclable polyethylene
Colours: standard polyethylene colours, lacquered colours, Stardurst finishing
Production technology: rotational moulding

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29 x 22 x H60 cm

88 x 65 x H185 cm
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