Small sofas

The small sofa is a living furnishing accessory with a versatile design, which is easily inserted in a contemporary context. The modern small sofas are furniture characterized by minimal structures and colors that play with the tone on tone of the coating or with patterns that create interesting contrasts. The small sofas in their volumes are furnished with fabrics and colour combinations and are often removable to allow you to change the cover according to your personal taste. Finally, thanks to its reduced dimensions and proportions, the small sofa can adapt to any environment, allowing it to furnish small spaces without sacrificing the comfort and aesthetics typical of upholstered furniture.

Sofa or small sofa?

The small sofa is a good compromise between comfort and functionality, the environments of modern homes are increasingly contained and the awareness of aesthetic taste has been strengthened. We do not want to give up a padded living area that heats the environment without adding too much space. The starting point is a two-seater small sofa, according to your needs and your style it can be declined in a multitude of variations. From the structure to the cladding, each part can be made so that the furniture integrates with the environment in which it is placed. If you want to give a more regal look to the room you can choose a small sofa with a high backrest, suitable for both domestic environments where you want to create an intimate area and contract environments. For those who love classic or vintage style, the choice can fall on a tufted small sofa, a must that recalls the memory of elegant rooms. The cost also influences the choice of furniture, there are many proposals for cheap small sofas that simply decorate the heart of the house.

The small sofa is the protagonist of the living area

If we think that the small sofa is the natural substitute for the classic sofa we are wrong, it is the completion of the family of upholstered sofas where sofas, armchairs, benches and poufs are the protagonists. If in the past the rooms were very large and allowed the coexistence of all the furniture in a single room, today the various pieces are placed in the houses based on space and functionality. The small sofa can therefore be replaced by a comfortable small sofa combined with small poufs that complete the environment and add seats. Even in large bedrooms or spacious kitchens, these pieces of furniture are able to be perfectly matched, easily integrated into the context with the addition of decorative cushions dyed on dye or with contrasting textures. Seats with the most rigorous shapes, can also be used in contract situations and become original bar small sofas and waiting rooms, offering a fast and comfortable seat at the same time and adding an aesthetic quid to environments often too cold.

The upholstery of designer small sofas

The upholstered small sofas are furniture made with soft cushions, whose coverings range from pastel shades to stronger shades. The choice of material, colour and fantasy of the covering is influenced by personal taste and the environment to be furnished. The structure is almost always made of wood, more rarely metal, while the coverings can range from the most common materials such as fabrics and leathers to the most extravagant ones such as polyethylene. The fabric small sofas are the most common type, soft to the touch and available in a thousand shades better if combined with bold colors and prints of impact, colorful and ironic sofas that will give character and structure to the spaces of your home. Vintage upholstered seats and velvet small sofas have been in vogue for some years now, thanks to their refined style and luxurious appearance, and are the best choice for environments in which each element is carefully chosen. On the other hand, there are those who prefer leather small sofas, more sober and with less bright colors but equally capable of giving harmony to the living area.

Classic small sofas

More and more brands and designers are bringing back to our homes furniture whose history has distant roots, the first small sofas in fact make their appearance in Europe under the reign of Louis XVI, they presented themselves as a variant of the sofa in reduced measure of which they used friezes and decorations. With richly decorated feet and armrests, the small sofas helped to make the halls of the rich aristocratic families of the time opulent and sumptuous. From then until today, the small sofa has remained a piece of furniture that can fit into any context without problems, thanks to models with an ever-changing and versatile design for a complement that is always current and allows you to add value to the living area. ... More ... less


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