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Sofas and armchairs

The living room is where we spend most of our time, the area of the house dedicated to relaxation and conviviality. It is often the larger room, the one furnished with extra attention to comfort, but also to decoration and furniture, most of the times defining the personality of the entire house. The most important pieces of furniture of the living area are certainly sofas and armchairs. They have to match certain requirements among which aesthetics, comfort, functionality. In addition, the seating size have to be appropriate for the available space. Archiproducts section dedicated to sofas and armchairs offers a wide selection of armchairs for all needs, spanning diverse styles and possibilities of composition.

Choosing sofas and armchairs for the conversation area

The indisputable protagonist of the conversation area is the sofa, the element that determines both the style of the environment and the positioning of the rest of the furniture. Depending on the available space, the seating area can be extended by adding one or more armchairs. The choice can range from simpler models to sectional and modular solutions. Getting oriented in such a variety can be a challenging task. A criterion upon which to figure out what is the right choice to do, is to set a budget, so to narrow down the research. The next step could be to choose the furniture based on the style, so to channel the research toward a precise direction; only afterwards colors, sizes and shapes should be evaluated. While the latter variables depend on the size and shape of the room, for the colors and materials it is possible to let personal taste decide. The trendiest models are certainly upholstered sofas, with their great variety of covers. Armchairs can be considered as stand-alone elements, a unique piece untied from the style of the living area. Among other new generation models, accessorized armchairs are the most popular and include armchairs with a footrest and those motorized, till encompassing those with bluetooth connection and speakers integrated systems.

Sofas and armchairs for all furnishing style

Style defines the shape of sofas and armchairs, although in some models the difference might be not as clear-cut. Classic style sofas are generally compact, equipped with armrests and mounted on feet. Covers can vary from sophisticate fabrics with classic motifs to leather, while the frame, generally made of wood, can feature precious finishes, as it is the case for baroque or neoclassic style models. The distinctive trait of classic style armchairs are the snug shapes and researched covers. Among others, armchairs in leather are of a timeless beauty and ensure a powerful aesthetic impact. Contemporary sofas are generally more versatile than the classic ones and come in a broad array ranging from basic double-seat models to sectional sofas. Current trends are led by modular seating systems, allowing for a great versatility both composition and use-wise. Depending on the available space, the basic model can be enriched with elements such as chaise longue, footrests, footstools, benches and even storage boxes for books and magazines. Contemporary armchairs come in a multitude of shapes and materials with rigorous or more creative lines, somber or flashier colors. It is possible to choose them in tune with the sofa or to dare with a bolder design. From classical upholstered armchairs to those in natural fiber and models in alternative materials like plastic, today the choice is incredibly wide. Eventually, design sofas and design armchairs alike are the product of the great firms in international design. These models will never go out of fashion, but are rather true icons meant to furnish the living area for the years to come, passing down from generation to generation.

Convertible sofas and chairs

Sofas and armchairs that can convertible in comfortable beds for guests or to furnish small size houses and studios deserve a separate treatment. Once considered a second choice, sofa beds are now available in increasingly performing and appealing models, also thanks to design collections. Available in all styles, they are great to furnish the guests’ room, but do not look bad even in the most refined living room. Among the offer of convertible beds, the models that can transform into the so-called dormeuse are very in vogue and feature more and more often as the protagonists of the relax area. Armchair beds are an incredibly versatile furnishing complement able to provide for an extra bed without taking too much space. They are great to furnish the kids bedroom or a studio that could serve as a guests’ room when needed.

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