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3 Seater Sofas

The 3-seater sofa is the heart of the living room. It offers the pleasure of comfortable multi-person seating in a compact package. Taking into account the size of the single seat and of the armrests, the 3-seater sofa reaches a length of 180-240 cm, a size that is also suitable for lying down. In an open-plan environment, a 3-seater sofa can become a real divider between the living and dining areas if it is not placed against a wall, or it can be flanked by armchairs and coffee tables to extend and better define the conversation area. If the size and position of the sofa are the same, the use of the sofa will determine the choice of model and upholstery: if children or pets are present, removable upholstery will be chosen; a 3-seater sofa bed will make it easier to accommodate friends and relatives; finally, reclining models with a headrest and footrest can easily transform the living room into a comfortable "home cinema". ... More ... less


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