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Acoustic armchair



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The sonic chair offers a special auditive experience, because it always allows you to sit at the centre of sound.‎ Unlike free-standing loudspeakers or headphones, the sonic chair creates a micro sound space in a comfortable chair.‎ Here, every acoustic source is optimally adjusted to the listener, regardless of what sort of room it is in.‎

This ensures an unusually intense listening experience.‎ The specially developed structure-borne sound membrane in the backrest creates especially low, non-audible frequencies and gives you the feeling of hearing music “live”.‎ At the same time, the active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island.‎

The sonic chair is produced in Cologne, Germany with a love of craftsmanship and a passion for detail.‎ Every seating element is produced by hand and equipped according to the customer’s orders.‎

Possible use
• Audio-visual presentations (trade fairs, museums and exhibitions)
• Terminal for audio and video databanks (libraries)
• Visitor service and Internet access (waiting areas, lobbies, foyers)
• Relaxation (wellness and lounge areas)
• Work and Learn Space

Power supply
• 115 VAC - 230 VAC fused with 2 AT

Amplifier SC3.‎ 1
• HYPEX 6-channel class D high efficiency power amplifier (3 x Uc32MP 75W)
• 3 analog audio inputs: Priority 3: stereo RCA jacks in round base | Priority 2: stereo RCA jacks internal for connection of integrated audio source, Syncronice™ or bluetooth receiver (optional) | Priority 1: stereo RCA jacks external on amplifier cover
• 6 x 37W / THD+N 0.‎ 25% (20 Hz <f<20 kHz)
• 2 channels for tweeter, DSP controlled, 5.‎ 000 Hz - 25.‎ 000 Hz
• 2 channels for midrange, DSP controlled, 1.‎ 500 Hz - 5.‎ 000 Hz
• 1 channel for bass, DSP controlled, 45 Hz - 1.‎ 500 Hz
• 1 channel for impact sound, DSP controlled, 20 Hz - 400 Hz

• SEAS Prestige tweeter, Ø 60 mm, 3000 Hz - 25000 Hz
• SEAS Prestige midrange, Ø 120 mm, 45 Hz - 5000 Hz
• SEAS Prestige woofer, Ø 180 mm, 45 Hz - 3000 Hz
• IBEAM VT200 impact sound converter, 1 Hz - 15 KHz tactile, 25 Hz - 16 KHz acoustic
• body focused sound membrane, Ø 1040 mm, 20 Hz - 200 Hz tactile

Resonating body
• circular acoustic enclosure
• multiplex beech and birch wood
• glued in layers
• total volumen of 32 litre
• active sound insulation by phase inversion

Round base

• 350º rotatable with limiter
• internal cable duct
• terminal for power connector C14 and stereo RAC jacks
• round cover made from satined stainless steel
• wooden skids with three outlets for power cable feed or bottom tank wiring

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