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Stairs are vertical connections between two separate floors within a building. Next to the traditional staircases made of reinforced concrete, the market also offers design ones conceived with an aim to connect two floors of the same apartment in a refined and innovative way. In this sense, more and more stairs are able to meet a request for visual and structural lightness and become cult objects for the enthusiasts of more modern projects. On Archiproducts you can find the most current and cutting-edge solutions, browse hundreds of stairs among the available categories, as for instance the beautiful and trendy open staircases, the ever green and functional spiral staircases, and even more space-saving solutions such as mini-stairs and retractable stairs (used to connect attics and garrets, for instance). In this section you will also find technical staircases for outdoor use, such as fire escapes staircases and access ramps for the elimination of architectural barriers, and also all the accessories to finish your staircase with handrails, parapets, fasteners and cladding for the most current models.

Indoor staircases as furnishing elements

No doubt that open staircases are the most traditional solution to connect the areas located on different levels within an apartment. The steps can be straight or fan-shaped, depending on the needs of the project, while the supporting structures can be made of wood, stainless steel, painted metal or even masonry. Taking into account the multitude of materials the structure can be made of, this solution is a largely versatile one also from an aesthetic point of view; the final result can perfectly blend in with the style of the house, especially thanks to the wide choice of handrails, parapets, steps, components and stairs cladding available on the market. Spiral staircases are a solution that has gained increasing popularity in reason of the little space they occupy when compared to an open staircase, but the advantages are plenty. As a matter of fact they can also be centrally positioned within a room and no matter where they are located they can become a characterizing element within the environment. The name, as it is obvious, stems from the helical movement they are distinguished by, which run around a vertical column positioned in the middle; for this reason, the shape is usually cylindrical. During the design phase, it is important to take into account the regulations in force, which provide for the steps minimum size so as to guarantee the use of the staircase in total safety.

Stairs and solutions to save space

In case the space available for the staircase is particularly limited, as it can happen when there is a need to connect the attic or basement, it is possible to opt for different space-saving solutions. Mini-stairs are less bulky in size per meter and are planned in order to ensure top safety and comfort; however in case it is necessary to install a retractable solution, it is possible to opt for a retractable staircase, which is ideal to access the garret, for instance. Such type of staircase is equipped with a trapdoor, usually made of insulating material, so as to avoid the dispersion of heat from the rooms of the house. If the environment has very high ceilings, as it can happen in the context of an attic renovation for example, the staircase can also be associated with the installation of a loft, which allows you to multiply the available space and give personality to the environment.

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