A stool is a complement that allows you to add seats inside a house and contributes to the success of a contemporary furnishing project. Iconic is the typical model of bar stools, ideal for furnishing corners of environments that would otherwise remain unused, especially in an entrance hall or corridor, or to be taken into account even in an open-plan kitchen with a peninsula.
The stools are an original solution to complete the furniture of the living area with products that fit into any interior design project and are able to radically transform even the appearance of a modern living area. A modern stool furnishes with possible models with metal structures, upholstered seats and above all lots of colour.

Kitchen and bedroom: the thousand uses of a stool

Thanks to their smaller size compared to chairs, stools are useful when additional seats are needed.
Starting with use in the kitchen, associated with the peninsula or island allow you to turn the kitchen top into a table for breakfast or a quick meal. The high stools are ideal to combine with a kitchen top as the worktop is placed at a height higher than that of the common dining tables.
The upholstered stools can contribute to the definition of the living room furniture, which, in their version with backrest, guarantee greater comfort. This piece of furniture can be used to create monochromatic spots and contrasts with the style of the surrounding elements. Low stools have multiple uses. Bathroom stools are made of moisture-resistant materials, while children's stools can be made of any material as long as they are non-toxic and in many colours and shapes.
In addition, we can also find stools in the bedroom used as bedside tables. An excellent idea to give a more tropical or natural look to your home is to use trunks as stools. These, suitably cut and shaped, act as seats.

Modern stools: innovative materials, minimal structures and lots of colour

The material is a key aspect in choosing the design of a stool.
The wooden stools, thanks to their versatility, can be easily inserted in both classic and modern style furniture. They can be made of solid wood or derivatives, if you want to play with different colors while keeping the wood natural you can combine different essences. The seats of the stools in leather or synthetic leather are often used in environments with modern furnishings to create strong contrasts and material combinations with metal and wood without sacrificing comfort. Metal stools have greater strength and are often the preferred choice when used in bars or outdoors. All-metal stools are made up of a thin sheet shaped and bent so as to withstand the shape that can offer high resistance to loads while maintaining a low weight, or have a metal structure associated with a wide variety of types of seats and backs such as wood, plastic, fabric, rope, etc.
Plastic is one of the most recent materials used to make furniture in general, and is obviously also used for stools that, thanks to the properties of this material, combine incredible lightness with complete washability and an infinite range of colors and surface finishes. You can opt for a more environmentally friendly version by choosing plastic made from recycled materials.

Design stools: from a 1950s icon to a modern complement

The stool is a product that has its origins in ancient Egypt and used as a prevalent type of seat in later centuries. With the expansion of industrial mass production and therefore of design, the stool undergoes many stylistic changes to be increasingly easier to make, assemble and transport.
The design of the traditional model of wooden stool has been revised to propose innovative models that lend themselves well to material and stylistic experimentation. Modern stools are impressive products that fit effectively into any contemporary context. It is possible to give an industrial style to a room using one or more stools in iron or steel painted in dark tones, the same material in chrome version leads us to have a more contemporary style. Wood remains one of the most used materials: decorated and carved wood for the classic style, natural curved wood and light tones for the Scandinavian style, pickled wood for a shabby chic style. The upholstered stools, thanks to their comfortable seat and the possible presence of armrests, backrest and footrest, meet the most modern ergonomic requirements. A padded stool covered in velvet can give a vintage taste to the furniture without having to upset it. For small rooms, stackable stools are a practical space-saving solution.

Stools as passepartout in any environment

Stools don't just express their versatility at home. Excellent in front of a counter, bar stools are often taller than normal seats and, being around 65-75 cm high, are often equipped with footrest and backrest to ensure greater convenience. Depending on the material, they can also be suitable for outdoor use: in fact, garden stools are made of polymeric materials or metal specially treated to withstand the elements. In the garden there is also space for stools made of specially treated wood and/or special weather-resistant essences, such as teak.
Even in the office we find this kind of furniture. Office stools are mostly wheeled and equipped with ergonomic seats so as not to risk taking on incorrect positions while working. The height-adjustable stools can be adapted to various work requirements, whether in front of a desk or at a high meeting table. Folding stools are ideal for camping or small environments that require a variable number of seats. An alternative, both in the contract and living areas, are the stackable stools that can be stored when no longer needed.

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