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Storage and space organization

A good organization of the home spaces improves the way we live in it. Next to the architectural partitions created in order to divide the spaces, though, it is necessary also to think of the right complements that will make our life easier every day. There are complements dedicated to the organization of all the spaces in a house, from the entrance to the laundry, from the walk-in closet to the living area.

Screens for a versatile partition of the space

Screens represent a classic solution that has crossed centuries, but that fits in well also with contemporary interiors, in the first place thanks to their versatility. As a matter of fact this is a perfect complement to transform the environment based on personal needs, to separate different areas of create more intimate corners. They can be easily moved and are suitable both to large spaces ant to more limited sized areas. On top of that, screens also decorate the environment with taste and this is the reason why for so many years they have been catalyzing the interest of project developers and designers, thanks to whom the offer of such a products is so reach.

How to organize the hallway

The entrance to a house is generally a small space, but one that serves many different purposes in our every day life. This is why it needs a scrupulous and punctual organization, to keep everything arranged and within reach when we are leaving home or entering it. You certainly cannot do without a coat rack, useful to organizing jackets, coats, rucksacks and bags. Depending on the surface you have available, you can opt for a wall-mounted, floor standing or even ceiling-mounted model. Furthermore, if there are kids in the family you can think of placing the hooks at their height, so to help them being independent. Umbrella stands can be placed inside the house, next to the door, but, if possible, it is even better to place them on the lending so as to avert the risk of wetting the floor in case there is rain. If the entrance is equipped with a low cabinet or show rack, the top can be used as a surface where to put storage boxes or pin trays; on the wall, instead, you can consider hanging a key cabinet. If you need it (and have the space for it) you can install a design bicycle storage for the indoors, an item which is getting increasingly popular among urban bikers.

How to organize the walk-in closet

A well arranged walk-in closet helps keeping everything neat and tidy, thanks to storage boxes of large and small sizes and clothes hangers to hang the clothes. You can think putting a valet stand inside the walk-in closet or in your bedroom, so as to lay the clothes you are using on it. In wood, metal or plastic materials there are shapes to match all tastes and furnish the environment. Inside the laundry or the bathroom you cannot do without a laundry container where to store the clothes that are ready for washing. This is no longer to be considered as a useful complement, but is also meant to decorate the room, with the many shapes and colors available on the market.

How to organize the bookcase and the living area

The living area is perhaps the most versatile environment of the house, where to place the sofa, lunch table, shelves, bookcase and TV cabinet. On the inside, such pieces of furniture can be organized with handy boxes. With bookcases and open shelving, you can also think placing knick-knacks and bookends; these objects contribute to the decoration of the environment, whatever their characteristics. The most minimalist and almost invisible can help create compositions with books, thus becoming furnishing complements themselves. Otherwise bookends can take the shape of miniature sculptures and therefore be used not only for their functional purpose, but also as a decoration.

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