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Storage systems and units

The furniture of the living area is thought with the idea in mind that such area of the house is where near to all our daily activities take place. Spacious and functional at the same time, storage units are necessary in all kinds of dwellings, from the traditional to the open floor environment with their contemporary twist, from the villa to the studio. Sideboards, highboards, display cabinets and storage walls, indeed, allow to arrange the space and a cozy feel to an environment. Moreover, the furniture of the living area enriches the space with mixtures of colors, finishes and materials, a great addition to the final outcome of a project of interior design.

Choosing storage units for the living area

The living area is a central part of a home and needs to be organized keeping in mind the needs of the people who live in the house, as the final users. This is why choosing the right pieces of furniture for the living area ensures to shape a space of a beautiful aesthetics. The piece of furniture that plays the protagonist part in the living area is certainly the bookcase, fundamental to keep the boos, as well as for displaying objects such as souvenirs and houseplants. Next to bookcases, for a living area to look well arranged and beautiful, it is necessary to also have storage units closed with doors or drawers.
The offer includes sideboards, highboards, chests of drawers and display cabinets, all furniture that used to be very much used in the past and that are revisited today to be integrated in contemporary style environments. Great for the living area, such pieces of furniture can be also ideal when located in the kitchen, dining room, or in hallways. In an open space they contribute to finish the furnishing by occupying corners that cannot accommodate large pieces of furniture. The sideboard is a storage unit with a horizontally extended shape and equipped with doors and drawers that besides containing a multitude of items doubles as a countertop where to display decorative objects, such as a table lamp, pots, pictures frames and so on. Differently from sideboards, highboards are mainly high and normally more spacious. Refined and sophisticate, display cabinets are storage units closed with glass doors, perfect to put on display objects, souvenirs, small collections. Eventually, another piece of furniture that is worth mentioning is the chest of drawers. The queen of the bedroom, a chest of drawers chosen in the style and materials that characterize the living area adds extra storage space and a handy countertop.

Equipped storage units and accessories. Where design meets functionality

Next to traditional furniture there is a whole array of furniture that are equipped in a way to suit a specific purpose. A studied design, handiness and functionality are key characteristics with which many companies in this sector manufacture their products. The most appreciated and sought after are TV cabinets which are conceived to accommodate the TV and are accessorized so to be able to hide away the cables and the device itself. CD racks are ideal for those who own a large number of CDs and DVDs as they allow to have the collection at hand. Computer cabinets are a very handy solution too, as they allow to place the computer in the living area discretely, functionally and elegantly. Those who like having people over, serving drinks or cocktails or even simply need to keep the drinks and bartender’s tools tidy, will find bar cabinets just perfect. From the compact models to the large ones, from the movable to the folding solutions; the offer today is wide and diversified in a way to meet all needs. Food trolleys are a very useful complement that comes to be even necessary if the place where the meals are prepped is far from the lunch table or buffet. Room dividers are yet another useful items and especially so in open plan spaces. Current models feature an appealing and sophisticate design that joined with the functionality of this element adds value to the space. Wall cabinets and shelves are a great solution to complete the furnishing project of the living area, particularly if the wish is to leave as much as possible free space on the floor. Storage walls make for a definitely valid alternative, an “all-in-one” solution that brings together all the furniture that is needed in a living area.

Storage units to organize the entrance space

Storage units come very handy in organizing the entrance or hallways. Hallway units are conceived and made so to contain all those items that need to be within reach when leaving home, such as the keys, personal belongings, bags, shoes, jackets, umbrellas. Furthermore, such furniture are great in adding a touch of style to an environment such as the entrance, which is often overlooked, while being the calling card of the entire house. Alternatively, it is possible to opt for a spacious wardrobe, possibly custom made, so to be able to make use of all the available space, even in height. Very useful and functional, shoe cabinets help keeping the shoes in good order and come in models that are today characterized by a variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials. Where the space allows, storage chests are extremely useful as a complement that doubles as a comfortable seating where to put on the shoes and an extra storage space.

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