Storage walls

The storage wall is one of the main furnishing elements of the living area: whether it has an exhibition function or contains books and objects of all kinds, it helps to better organize the room according to a precise stylistic line, in accordance with all tastes and all needs. The living area, considered the heart of the house and fulcrum of the relationships of conviviality and daily rest, lives around the wall, important not only because it guarantees the environment a remarkable stylistic value but also because it contains a multiplicity of functions. Modular furniture par excellence, the modern wall system is available on the market in a wide range of compositions and configurations to best customize a contemporary living room.

How to choose a storage wall?

The sectional storage walls are suitable for those who have a particular need to optimize space, including corners. Choosing or composing a wall system means having a clear idea of the functions it must perform. It can be used as a storage unit, a bookcase, a display case and even a TV stand: the range of possibilities that opens up is truly infinite.
Before choosing a storage wall it is necessary to evaluate the space available, in particular the size of the wall on which it will be installed.
Modular wall systems allow you to play a lot with the spaces available and are able to adapt to any type of space by virtue of their flexibility and modularity. It is important not to fill the room with too large compositions, especially if the room is small. In this case, the depth of the composition must also be assessed to avoid having too little space. The traditional wall system usually occupies only one wall and is made up of a low ground module that develops in length and which is the base to which are added a series of storage walls or shelves. Usually the floor modules reach a depth of 60 cm and are equipped with drawers or sliding doors, while the suspended modules vary between 30 and 40 cm in depth. If we have a larger apartment or an open-plan living area, a design storage wall can occupy an entire wall or even several walls, even from floor to ceiling. These are also very complex wall systems, characterized by open compartments, storage modules, boiseries and panels that also include doors, bookcases, cables or electrified bars and much more. This type of storage wall usually has a rather homogeneous depth and provides for a very accurate a priori design. If, on the other hand, we like to play with volumes, overhangs, open and closed compartments to create movement within our living room, we can opt for a self-supporting storage wall in which modules of different sizes, materials and colours can be attached to a fixed structure, usually in metal.
If you want to separate two rooms in the living area, such as the dining area and the living room itself, the partition storage wall can meet you by recreating two almost independent environments. The partition wall will allow more or less light to pass through the two rooms depending on the number of modules per day or glass chosen.

Wall systems: the accessories that make the difference

Born as a container for storing books, tableware and objects of various kinds, the wall is now located in front of a beautiful sofa. This is because in recent years have been presented storage walls with integrated TV holder that allow us to relax comfortably sitting on the couch watching a movie or listening to music. This type of wall system often includes electrified bars or cable duct systems that allow us to connect also audio systems. If we intend to use the storage wall as a real bookcase, we must choose a greater number of open compartments and shelves that can accommodate our books, being careful not to overload them with excessive weight, especially if we have chosen a wall system fixed to the wall to overcome problems of space.
In addition to books, a storage wall is also used to display vases, crystals, valuables or family photographs on shelves, shelves and open compartments. In this case the transparent glass doors could solve the problems related to cleaning, avoiding that too much dust is placed on our wall. If you want to slightly screen the contents of the wall, we can opt for satin or colored glass instead.
Many companies also now offer walls equipped with integrated lighting to prove that this piece of furniture involves all aspects of design. It is possible to opt for lighting systems installed inside the modules of the storage wall. The latter can very often also incorporate a bar cabinet inside: the luminous effect obtained when the doors are opened is really of great impact.
Modules and LED strips can be installed to underline and highlight some particular elements: a LED strip running in parallel on the shelves of the wall system emphasizes the sense of horizontality, a light point focuses and directs the light directly on one or more modules.
If you want to recreate even a small home-office area in your home, the walls equipped with a desk are useful in this sense as they contain a floor, often in the foreground, to be taken out if necessary. In other cases, wider shelves at the right height become real worktops. In other cases, the storage wall can contain real desks recessed inside it.
There are also walls equipped with built-in bioethanol fireplace, an innovative solution that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Those who do not have large spaces available, live in a studio or need additional beds for their guests can include in its environment a unit wall with a foldaway bed. In this way, the sleeping and living areas merge into a single element, demonstrating the fact that the design of the storage wall can encompass all the essential functions for a home.

Material games of modern equipped walls

The custom-made storage walls can be customized not only from the formal point of view but also from that of materials. You have to understand which style to choose for the environment and try to imagine the effect that you would have with the wall system chosen. A more classic furnishing involves the installation of a classic storage wall in natural wood, characterized by strength and solidity. At a high cost, this type of wall makes the environment very welcoming thanks to the natural warmth of the wood and its veins. If we love a more modern style and do not want to renounce to quality, we can always opt for wood, but we can choose a glossy or matt lacquered wall system in which colours play a fundamental role. A light-coloured storage wall will make the living room brighter and make it look bigger, a dark wall will tend to make it smaller.
Thanks to the modularity of the storage wall, you can also play with different colors, choosing one for the structure and one for doors and drawers of the various modules, or even if we love an eclectic style or a little more fanciful, we can create a wall system multicolor.
Another solution is the metal storage wall, usually flanked by other materials such as wood, veneer or glass in which shelves, drawers or modules are made, whether open or with doors. Glass storage walls give style and elegance to the living area but are also very delicate: you must therefore be careful not to overload them and avoid shocks that could damage it.

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