STUDIO 66 COVER PLAIN Wall-mounted aluminium pergola with adjustable louvers


COVER PLAIN | Wall-mounted pergola By STUDIO 66


Wall-mounted aluminium pergola with adjustable louvers

COVER PLAIN is an innovative roofing system which protects from both rain and sun.‎It can be installed with a gradient of less than 1% and it is used above all as outdoor roofing for restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream parlours, etc.‎ to guarantee adequate protection in the case of bad weather.‎ The outdoor area can be covered with several modules, thus catering for a possible smokers' area.‎ In the winter it resists perfectly in all weather conditions, while in the summer the millimetrically adjustable slats can be opened as far as 90, allowing for the natural circulation of the air.‎ The resulting "chimney effect" guarantees a pleasant environment even on very sultry days.‎ Furthermore, if a sensor is fitted, the slats will automatically close in the case of unexpected rain.‎

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