Sun loungers

Sun Loungers are the perfect complement for all kinds of outdoor spaces. They allow to enjoy the open air to the fullest and at the same time enrich porches, terraces, lawns and other green areas, just like any other elements of the furniture. From models with minimal metal frames to fabric, padded models, sun loungers fit well in a handful of styles, from classic to modern. Nevertheless, materials need to be adequate to withstand frequent temperature leaps and possible rains; design and comfort are also elements to pay attention to when looking for the perfect sun lounger.

Sun loungers: comfort and relax for the outdoor living area

Single, double or multi-seats, sun loungers are renowned for their comfort, resistance to wear and striking aesthetic impact. One first distinction to get acquainted with when choosing a sun lounger is the one between sun loungers and deck chairs. The former allow to lay down perfectly parallel to the ground and to possibly adjust the backrest height; deck chairs, on their hand, are more similar to normal chairs and allow to take a laid back position. Both types come in simple models that only feature a canvas that touches the skin, as well as products with padded parts and cushions. The materials of the frame can range from polypropylene fiberglass to painted metal, from aluminum to treated steel, from teak to rope, wood and cutting-edge plastic materials that prevent corrosion and oxidation. Classic wood sun loungers are a guarantee of robustness and sturdiness, while models in metal, which also perform well under different weather conditions, are more suitable for contemporary contexts. Parts in fabric are generally made of textilene or polyester. As these products are also used during summer, models combining robust and waterproof structures and a breathable cover are the ideal. Cushions are also something to be considered. The covers are generally removable and waterproof, easy to be cleaned up and equipped with systems that fasten them to the frame.

Style and design of sun loungers

Style is not of secondary importance when choosing a sun lounger. As a matter o fact, if on the one hand such products are meant to ensure some relaxing moments in the open air, on the other a poor-looking product can affect the general style of an otherwise nicely geared up environment. Depending on the tastes and style of the other pieces of furniture present, it is possible to choose for classic sun loungers in aluminum or wood with armrests and two rear castors, or contemporary sun loungers in fabrics or steel, with their lighter and more minimal appearance. The main characteristic for a sun lounger is comfort, which is made up of several parameters. The materials and characteristics of the surface, the presence or not of cushions and padded parts, the amount of positions the backrest can take, are all aspects that contribute to the comfort of a sun lounger. Functionality should not be underestimated either. Sun loungers with castors, for instance, are extremely handy as they can be placed and moved effortlessly when needed. Stackable sun loungers are as practical, as they can be put one over the other and stored in a standing position, taking up a minimal space when they are unused. Very comfortable are also sun loungers with a pull-out tray. Among other sun loungers accessories, the absolutely most popular are mobile parasols fixed onto the backrest, useful for protecting the face from the sun rays in the hottest hours and the cushions, that provide for a better support to the head.

A sun lounger for all needs

Sun loungers offer moments of full relax outside and therefore next to aesthetics, their choice should take into account the user’s personal needs. The surface where to lay should be some centimeters longer than the user’s body, for a cozy relaxation. Width is relevant too, because a larger sun lounger is more stable. It is indeed recommended to choose models that are at least 65 cm wide. People with knees problems should opt for models that are at least 40-50 cm high, that allow to stand up more easily when compared to lower models. Furthermore, sun loungers with a metal frame, folding or equipped with wheels, are much easier to carry. ... More ... less


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