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Aluminium heavy duty ladder



Two-section push-up and A frame aluminium ladder, suitable also for use on stairs, for comfortable climbing
It is equipped with adjustable base stabiliser and sliding wheels when used as lean-to-wall ladder.‎
The De Luxe range of Heavy Duty ladders is made of a high quality ribbed extruded aluminium, manufactured with an advanced automatic flanging method (the rungs are fixed to the ladder profiles with a “sandwich” system) giving great strength and long-lasting performance.‎ It conforms to European standard EN131.‎
Patented adjustable base stabiliser standard on Luxe 2
Constructed in strong but lightweight aluminium, this is a new system which allows adjustment on uneven ground by counter-balancing the effects of uneven surfaces ensuring easy safe operation and usage of the ladder.‎ This is facilitated by the use of 2 strong extractable pins which allow the user to level the ladder.‎ When the ladder is extended in a narrow operating area, the ladder can be used without the sta¬biliser.‎ The reinforced feet lift the base stabiliser to 45 mm so the ladder can be used even where there are stones or other small obstacles.‎
Flanged, ribbed and ergonomic rungs.‎
Three-phase flanging (rungs are fixed with a “sandwich” system) for a
long lasting: 1 and 2.‎ Frame inner side swelling, frame outer side flanging
and 3 swelling inside the frame.‎ Safe and easy use is therefore ensured
by a flat stable rung for the user granting greater ease and productivity.‎
There is no cutting into the foot as in traditional square rungs which form
a diamond shape causing uncomfortable use.‎
• Rung distance 28 cm
• Capacity 150 kg
• No.‎ of rungs: 6+7 to 13+14
• Base section width cm 48,5
• Final section width cm 42,3
• Stepladder height: from m 2,10 to m 4,10
• Extended height: from m 3,45 to m 7,65
• Flat rungs under shoes
• Sliding wheels
• Adjustable base stabiliser
• Aluminium opening system
• Bar preventing uncontrolled closure and opening of the ladder
• Anti-skid rubber feet
• Extension blocking device to prevent ladder moving when the safety limit is reached
• Device to stop upward shifting
• Label and instructions for assembly and use
• Thermo-shrinkable plastic package with showcard

Further info from manufacturer on LUXE2

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