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Among the indispensable accessories that can help you keep the swimming pool efficient in terms of safety there are swimming pool covers. They protect the water from dirt, leaves, insects and avoid accidental tumbles in the pool. In winter, the cover protects the pool’s components from the deterioration caused by weather conditions, while in summer, it keeps water from evaporating when the pool is not used thus reducing costs. There are coverings for every budget and for every need. If the main purpose of the covering is to decrease heat dispersion when the pool is not in use you better choose an isothermal swimming pool cover. This cover prevents water evaporation and helps you save energy and water because it doesn’t require a refill. More, they keep pH values normal. A winter swimming pool cover keeps sunrays out and prevents the build-up of bacteria and algae thus keeping water clean so that you won’t have to drain the water at the end of summer. A safety cover is fundamental if you need to protect your kids and pets from accidental falls. The covers can be fixed (creating a covered room over the pool) or removable (mounted over the pool when necessary). The materials with which the covers are made are many. From PVC sheets for flexible covers to PVC slats for rigid and safer covers up to the fixed solutions made of aluminum framing and polycarbonate panels with anti-UV treatment. ... More ... less
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