Swimming pools

A swimming pool represents an added value for any outdoor space. However, before proceeding with the planning it is necessary to pay attention to the procedure for the construction of an in-ground swimming pool or a basement pool. Once realized, it is also important to think about an outdoor furniture able to create the right atmosphere for a suggestive location, to be exploited at the most during the day and also in the evening. From the classic rectangular shape to compact, square and round proposals, the pool is an element that can now be inserted in a series of outdoor contexts, from the largest to the least spacious, offering pleasant moments of relaxation and contributing to the aesthetics of the environment with products from the design attention to detail. The most desired model is the hydromassage swimming pools, for pleasant moments of relaxation.

Creating a pool: shape, size and depth

When creating a swimming pool it is necessary to evaluate the space available and the shape of the garden, which are fundamental when choosing the design of the model. A swimming pool on site does not have standard shapes and can follow the creativity and lines of the land on which it is built. Choosing a harmonious shape with the surrounding environment makes it easier to manage. As far as depth is concerned, there are no regulatory requirements for swimming pools for domestic use, but we refer to the good design rules and the experience of the operators in the sector, always taking into account the specific needs of the client.

Overflow pools or pools with skimmers?

Depending on the type of water recirculation you can choose between skimmer and infinity swimming pool. The infinity pool is equipped with an overflow channel, visible or hidden, along the entire perimeter of the pool, and is considered the most elegant solution thanks to the characteristic design of this product. As an alternative to infinity pools, there are skimmer pools in which recirculation is ensured by a series of wall openings ("skimmers"), the number and size of which depends on the surface of the pool. The skimmers have the task of sucking up the surface water and conveying it to the filtration group, while the inlets, always placed on the wall, support the movement of the water towards the skimmers.

Coatings and maintenance: the right solution for an ideal pool area

The pool is considered a real design product and there are several types, from PVC pool to tile coverings. If the pool is located outdoors, it should be placed as far away from trees or hedges as possible in the full sun. For an indoor swimming pool, on the other hand, a room heating and air dehumidification system must be provided, in order to avoid the formation of condensation and the consequent onset of unsightly and unhygienic stains on the walls and ceiling. In both cases, a technical room must be provided to accomodate the circulation pump, the filter, the collectors and the electrical panel, as well as the automatisms for water treatment and heating. The technical rooms can be built in masonry or by means of a fibreglass box to be buried in the ground, equipped with walk-on lids. The area surrounding the pool must also be adequately equipped with sunbeds for relaxation, umbrellas and tables. ... More ... less

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