Swimming pools and equipment

Who does not dream of having a swimming pool in their own garden? Designing a swimming pool is not an easy task, this is why it is recommended to rely on companies that are specialized in the construction of swimming pools on site. The realization of the pool involves a careful choice of materials and a rigorous design of the systems, as well as a functional distribution of space. Even the choice of accessories and equipment, essential to make the pool safe and pleasant to enjoy, contributes to the success of the project.

The essential elements to create a perfect swimming pool

The swimming pool section on Archiproducts offers a wide variety of models featuring different materials, typologies, shapes and sizes. Before focusing on the characteristics of the swimming pool it is necessary to proceed with a careful design, which starts from the analysis of the state of affairs and the type and morphology of the land. Later on, after the size, horizontal extension, depth and entry point into the water of the swimming pool are defined, it is possible to proceed with identifying the spaces. These include a relax area, the solarium and walkways, which position and size will depend on the available space. Depending on the material used for the construction of the pool, it is possible to choose the most adequate swimming pool coating that will have to reflect specific technical requirements and to harmoniously integrate with the aesthetic characteristics of the environment. Heading to the conclusion of the project, it is necessary to choose the poolside which define the area from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Equipment for the swimming pool, essential for functionality and comfort

No swimming pool can be considered finished without the right swimming pool set of equipment. Starting from those that are essential for the correct operation of the system, such as the filter, the pumps for recirculation and the electrolyzer, up to all those elements that contribute to a functional and comfortable use of the pool. Among these, we find the ladders, showers and pool heaters, which help to keep the water temperature pleasant at all times. Great to relax and have fun into the water are the floating complements and inflatable play modules. Among the furniture there are floating lounges, available with a mattress or starfish shape, or with the traditional armrests and footrests. For a total relaxation, floating bed are a great option, possibly flanked by floating tables, useful for placing objects or serving a refreshing cocktail. Eventually, it is necessary to equip the area in the proximity of the pool with outdoor furniture such as sun loungers, deck chairs, sofas, tables, according to the size and morphology of the space available. It is important not to forget shading systems such as gazebos, pergolas and sun umbrellas in order to make the relaxing areas usable and enjoyable even in the hottest hours. Eventually, an indispensable equipment in order to preserve the swimming pool in the winter months is the cover. Available in a variety of models and types, some covers for the swimming pool can also be used to bathe even when the temperature is not ideal as for instance in mid-seas ... More ... less ... More ... less ... More ... less

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