Swimming pools, hot tubs and outdoor showers

Differently from what you might think, installing a swimming pool in your outdoor space is at current an operation within reach for everyone. On Archiproducts you will find a wide selection of swimming pools of every size and typology, together with hot tubs, perfect for limited size spaces. Not only the classic inground swimming pools, thus, but also functional and design solutions for small gardens, patios and terraces. Next to comfort and livability, installing a swimming pool brings in the advantage of enhancing your outdoor space, either in domestic or public contexts.

The inground swimming pool: a timeless classic

Inground swimming pools are with no doubt among the most desired products for the outdoor. When choosing the typology and design of the swimming pool, it is fundamental to consider some variables among which the available space, the use destination, maintenance and obviously the budget. Planning an inground swimming pool inevitably implies building works and needs to take into account some important factors such as the soil morphology, the possibility of transit of means for excavation and disposal of earth, together with the required building permits. Nonetheless, inground swimming pools have the advantage that they offer maximum flexibility in terms of volume, shape, depth and design. It is possible to choose among different materials such as natural stone, concrete, resin or steel and among several typologies such as overflow, natural, or the classic swimming pool endowed with a skimmer. Moreover, for those who have an appropriate space indoors, or for accommodation facilities, it is possible to install an indoor pool, that can be used all year round.

Above ground pools and spas, relaxation at your fingertips

Above ground pools, unlike those in the ground, do not require invasive works or building permits, because they are a mobile solution, which can be uninstalled at the end of the summer. The available models are plenty and vary by design, materials and size. They can be plain rectangular swimming pools, ideal for a few strokes, or compact spas equipped with hydromassage or chromotherapy. Garden hot tubs discreetly fit in the context, while still offering a series of non-negligible benefits. You can also opt for hot tubs for terraces, which structure has been conceived in a way to be installed and used on this kind of surface. Very interesting recessed swimming pools are also suitable for the indoors. These models can be embedded in the ground, or in a raised wooden deck, and have the advantage of facilitating the entry into the water, as well as adding a refined touch to the environment.

Outdoor showers; aesthetics and functionality

In order to complete the swimming pool area, in addition to outdoor furniture you can install an outdoor shower. Outdoor showers are useful for washing before and after swimming in the pool, however nothing prevents from using them to find relief on particularly hot days, even if you do not have a pool. Garden showers contribute to furnish the space with models of a versatile design, featuring various shapes, materials and colors. Besides design showers there are numerous models, from the classic showers with overhead to those equipped with handshower and foot washers, up to solar showers providing for hot water. Among the materials, along with steel, there are models made of plastic, wood or natural stone.

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