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Table lamps

Table lamps are an excellent and effective solution for those who need a directional light source and a space-saving support. The versatility, different types and compact dimensions that characterize this lighting element allow the table lamps to be inserted in a variety of environments, from residential to professional. At the same time, this source of light, often additional, can act as a furnishing accessory, enriching the spaces with new and evocative shapes; this product, in fact, is constantly subject to material and formal revisiting. Thanks to this continuous research it is possible to range from modern design objects with minimalist structures and chrome finishes to more classic shapes, such as the traditional fabric lampshade. The table lamp can therefore become an expression of great style: over the years many designers and artists have tried their hand and continue to create table lamps, precisely because they are a key element of furniture that allows you to tell their creativity.

How to choose the right table lamp for your space?

Choosing the right table lamp focuses on a careful analysis of the user's personal needs. It is therefore necessary to identify the purpose, i. e. the type of occupation or work that you intend to carry out in the different spaces, in order to understand what characteristics the lamp must have to guarantee the right function. A first choice may already be the most generic table lamps, desk lamps rather than bedside lamps. Another aspect of fundamental importance is the evaluation of the context in which the lamp will be inserted, this will give the possibility to understand how to relate it with the other objects in the room, avoiding to insert an element not in perfect harmony with the environment.
Once the type has been defined, it is important to take into consideration the choice of material. You can choose between super strong materials such as metal table lamps, or opt for wooden table lamps, both often combined with fabric lampshades to recall the abat-jour, which has always been considered the most classic of lamps. Other varieties include glass table lamps that, thanks to their transparency, are able to visually lighten the space in which they are housed and make the light propagate more. Plastic table lamps, on the other hand, are usually more minimalist, easy to clean, light and comfortable to move from one corner of the room to another.

LED and halogen: table lamps and lighting effects

There are many combinations you can choose from, but the fundamental element not to be underestimated remains the light that the lamp gives off in the target environment. It is therefore important to choose the right light beam, evaluated according to the lighting required by the environment: direct light lamps rather than indirect light or direct and indirect light. In this regard, it should be remembered that direct lighting is ideal for study and reading, activities where the eye needs a lot of light, while indirect light allows to illuminate the environment in a homogeneous way avoiding, for example, glare problems.
It is of course also possible to provide both types of lighting, so that you have the perfect light for every occasion.
Another important aspect to take into account is the type of light source that leads us mainly to choose between LED or halogen table lamps. Currently there is a tendency to prefer the use of the LED version, among the main reasons is the high energy saving, which consequently leads to a lower environmental impact, and the long life of the bulb. On the contrary, halogen bulbs are cheaper, but have a shorter life cycle and always need a transformer to be used. In addition, to find the right light intensity, it is advisable to opt for table lamps with dimmers which, through a light controller, allow to calibrate the light output according to the different activities that take place.
In this way it will be possible to get the right atmosphere and influence energy saving.

The design of table lamps: contemporary icons

Design table lamps express their style and technicality in order to best illuminate the space, to create the right atmosphere in which to welcome friends and visitors.
The table lamp has always been a furnishing element capable of giving a touch of elegance, charm or personal taste to environments. Classic table lamps are now complemented by products that follow and dictate new lighting trends. Modern table lamps are in fact increasingly versatile and multi-purpose, transportable and transformable, adaptable to the new rhythms of contemporary living. These are objects capable of effectively combining aesthetics and functionality, a perfect example in this sense are the adjustable table lamps; this particular feature has elevated them to a true furnishing accessory, a particular element of studies and research, from which were born the major contemporary icons of the sector.

The history of table lamps

The history of table lamps is a journey that began at the beginning of the 20th century and still continues today in search of new combinations of style and works of art. Over the years, they have been the leading brands that have achieved great results by experimenting increasingly advanced techniques with the most varied combinations of materials. Among the most important brands of lamps we find, among others, Artemide table lamps that over the years have revolutionized the way of designing light, and Flos table lamps protagonists of numerous products launched on the market that have become world icons.

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