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The table is much more than a simple furnishing accessory, it is the central point of the house, where the day begins and ends, it is the indispensable place in everyone's daily life. For this reason it is the object of continuous study and innovation by designers. It has the ability to bring with it sensations and emotions always different, is the highlight reserved for the family, the outdoor coffee breaks and a good accomplice to dinner by candlelight. To do so, it must represent the perfect synthesis between art and functionality, uniqueness and versatility.

The table, protagonist of stories and curiosities

It has always been a problem to find a comfortable and quiet place where you can eat, therefore, horizontal planes ideal for the support of food. To be simply this, the table has become an element that unites, the symbol of the family, able to create a unique and warm atmosphere. Each era has influenced the creation of different tables. For example, in the Greco-Roman era this rectangular piece of furniture was used not only in the home but also in trade, industry and places of worship. During the Middle Ages, a typical type of table, known as the Fratino, spread in the convent. Rectangular, very long and made of solid wood. The tables of the Renaissance and Baroque period, on the other hand, were finely carved and embellished with decorations. But at the table are also linked legends and historical events. How many agreements, treaties or alliances have been signed on the tables. Or, if you think of King Arthur, you don't remember the round table, symbol of equality and balance, around which his knights sat. So, telling the story of the table means going back over the history of man.

How to choose the perfect table for every environment

A table, because of its size and function, occupies an important space within the room, and for this reason, you must be able to choose the right table taking into account a number of aspects. In fact, it will remain in that position for a long time, acting as a piece of furniture and ornamental, constituting a base of daily support, which should not hinder the comfort of everyday life.
It is therefore necessary to consider the room in which the table will be placed and consequently the function it will have. For example, kitchen tables must combine aesthetic pleasantness with functionality and therefore, you usually choose large and spacious, but above all made with surfaces very easy to clean, resistant and resistant to stains and scratches. The dining table is a meeting place: not only for eating, but also for playing, helping children to do their homework and chatting with family and friends. So placing it in the living room or living area will reflect the idea of home and welcome of the owner and his personality. Other aspects that require special attention are the material, colour, style and size of the table. In fact, you have to consider how many people will have to sit around the table. The general rule for a comfortable sitting, says that each person needs about 60 cm of space.

Make big banquets at home? With the extendable table you can

The perfect table for those who, despite having limited space available, do not want to give up dinners with relatives or reunion with friends, is the extendable table. This transformable table, which changes according to needs, is presented daily in its compact form and then, if necessary, is extended to offer all the possible comfort to guests without upsetting the spaces and balances of the house. Among the extendable tables we can include the simplest ones that have below the table top an extension that is inserted in the center or at the edges of the table and fixed by means of special joints, or those that use modern solutions of extension result of research by designers. For example, there are those with additional shelves that automatically come out from the bottom of the top and that fit in the center by a simple rotation to those consisting of a large number of pieces that combine with each other significantly increasing the size of the table. The special feature of the extendable design tables is that they maintain the same beauty and solidity even after being extended.

Versatility: the second name of the outdoor table

Those who love to live outdoors, fully enjoy the outdoor space, with family, friends and why not, even when working from home can not help but choose the garden tables. These are one of the most versatile furniture because they are moved to better adapt to the needs and allow you to take advantage of the potential gardens, balconies or terraces often not lived to the full. Outdoor tables, combining the solidity of the material with the lightness of the shapes, become the perfect synthesis of all the elements of nature. Thanks to the use of materials and technologies that guarantee durability and resistance to wear and tear and atmospheric agents, outdoor tables can be integrated into spaces to personalise and characterise any type of environment.

The different shapes of the table

Regardless of personal tastes, it is often the room itself that indicates which table is most suitable. For example, if the space available is limited, you can opt for a round table that, with its compact forms, is a model that saves space while at the same time encouraging the reception and dialogue between diners. The total absence of edges, makes it very suitable for places where there are children who can walk around without fear of getting hurt or sit without any danger. In addition, the round tables are valuable objects characterized by a unique and unmistakable style, capable of harmonizing the environment and spaces in the best possible way. This is also reflected in the fact that most models do not have the classic four legs but a central support: in this way the diners will not have any obstacle that prevents them from sitting and talking to each other.
The square table can also be an ideal solution for small spaces, but above all it is perfect for dinners for two, perhaps by candlelight to recreate a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Its extremely regular shape reshapes the volumes of the environment and is combined without contrast with other furnishings with refined shapes and styles.
Thanks to their essential shape, rectangular tables, large or small, are the most widely used. By allowing more capacity and the possibility of adding more people, they become the heart of the house. For those who, on the other hand, are looking for an unusual and impressive solution, or want to be surprised and amazed by those who enter the house, they can only choose from the wide variety of oval tables. These are the perfect compromise between refined aesthetics and traditional conviviality. Their sinuous shapes become synonymous with elegance and refinement that extends throughout the environment.

Table materials for all furnishing combinations

The choice of materials must certainly take into account the other furnishing accessories already present in the room so that every single piece of design is highlighted and not obscured. Wooden tables are the most popular, because they are strong, sturdy while being fine and elegant. Depending on the wood processing and the colour, they are able to completely change the style of the room. Light colours, for example, are chosen to be combined with modern furniture, while darker woods, with their elegance and warmth, are used for classic furniture.
Over the years, designers have experimented with bold shapes and surprising colour combinations in metal tables. These are the perfect choice for those who love the solidity and expressive strength of this material that is inevitably reflected in the surrounding space, but also for those who love bold choices.
To give the room an added value that can create contrasts and captivating reflections, you can opt for tables with glass tops. These are able to recreate an aura of elegance and lightness thanks to the transparencies and reflections typical of the material. In fact, they are perfect for those who love to bring the play of light and color into the room.

Dream or reality: sensations recalled by the style of the tables

Particular attention must also be paid to the style of the table chosen, as in addition to being a functional object, it is able to furnish and give a distinctive and personal sign to the home, work environment or horeca. The modern style tables are characterized by clean and regular lines, bold and essential forms that never leave indifferent. These sophisticated shapes are often associated with eye-catching colors ranging from neutral to bright colors. Those who, therefore, choose modern design, where solid but light, compact and at the same time refined materials are preferred, prefer a table capable of striking without obscuring its surroundings, combining functionality and expressive beauty at the same time.
Those who prefer curved and sinuous lines, warm colours and rich decorations will have to choose between the tables in classic style. These give majesty to the room and are able to revive in the rooms the opulence of the banquets that were held in the ancient noble houses. In these cases, the past is revisited with nostalgia and this choice of design is shrouded in a romantic halo for true dreamers.

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