Tables and chairs

Choosing the right set of tables and chairs in a house or professional setting requires the due attention. Whether you have a classic style interior or modernly furnished open floor, a table, if combined with the right set of chairs, can change the entire aspect of a room and forge a meeting point that encourages conviviality and interaction. Today the market offers countless solutions, therefore it can be quite challenging to get oriented and make the right choice. There are numerous variables that come into play next to comfort and functionality. Style for instance, as well as materials, sizes and combinations. Round, oval, or square tables instantly catch the eye for their shape, compared with the classic rectangular version and can easily adapt to different style or space requirements. Chairs can also tie in with the table or be in contrast with it, for an effect that plays with colors, materials and models. Alternatively it is possible to choose a high table to match with stools. The offer available ranges from classic to contemporary models, with an abundance in products of design, among which there are some iconic pieces that are able to make the difference.

Tables and chairs for the kitchen and the dining area between functionality and elegance

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces of the house and the table is an essential element that serve multiple purposes. The gathering point where to enjoy the meal with the family, a countertop workspace for the dish preparation, as well as a study or work station, the kitchen table needs to be in the first place robust and practical. The same applies to the chairs to be coupled. They should be light, preferably feature a low backrest and made of hygienic and easy-to-clean materials. If the kitchen forms a unique space with the living area in line with the most current fashion, a peninsula table is certainly the best solution. On the other hand, if there is a space that can be furnished as a kitchen area, in a separate environment or in an open plan space, the dining table is to be chosen with special care together with the chairs it will be coordinated with. In this case, aesthetics and style play a primary role, both in a separated environment where tables and chairs act as the protagonists, and in open plan spaces, where all the furniture pieces will have to speak harmoniously with one another. The chairs could be high-end and made of sophisticate materials, especially if the lunch room is used barely or just for the great occasions. In any case, the design chairs section on Archiproducts offers a wide and diverse array of models with a timeless style, able to integrate in any context.

Tables and chars for the contract sector

Furniture for the contract sector occupy a relevant market segment that is today relevant and that is experiencing an ongoing growth. Among others, tables and chairs are especially requested in contracts concerning restaurants, bars, hospitality, museums, airports. Contract tables encompass models of all shapes and size, including the most appreciated round garden tables inspired by the design of the classic bistrot table. Another trendy model is constituted by high tables, in their different versions, a great solution to eat a snack, carve out counter workspace during parties and events, or temporary working stations. This kinds of tables are often combined with stools, chairs with footrests or high benches. Benches are definitely among the most used furniture pieces in the contract sector and are especially used in order to furnish lounge and outdoor areas. Last, low armchairs are versatile elements that furnish with elegance also spaces that are limited in size, such as hotel rooms, waiting rooms or small outdoor areas.

Coffee tables, console tables, desk tables; useful and flexible complements

Besides tables and chairs there are a number of complements that besides completing the environment are useful and versatile. These include coffee tables, normally placed in the vicinity of sofas and armchairs and a must have in outdoor areas. They furnish discretely and can make any environment look cozy and comfortable. Console tables are tables of limited dimensions that serve both as a counter space and for storing. This is a refined complement that unobtrusively furnishes passageways, such as entrances and hallways, but also bare spots in larger spaces such as the living area and the bedroom. Eventually desk tables and secretary tables are tables purposefully designed to allow writing and working and can be enriched with several functional accessories such as small drawers, boards and compartments for cables and so on. They can complete the furniture related to studying, of the kids room as well as of hotel rooms, while some especially peculiar models can be placed in the living room without breaking the overall harmony.

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