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Living room tables

The living room table is an indispensable piece of furniture in a large living room and is always in dialogue with the sofas and seating in the conversation area. For this reason, the living room table is inevitably the centre of attention and is characterised by its aesthetics and rich materials. Indeed, living room tables feature important construction elements, ranging from monolithic shapes made of noble materials, to sculptural or curved structures, to large, sometimes transparent and precious tops. In this way, a simple piece of furniture can become a true design icon. The lounge table is rarely used as a dining table for important occasions, but is rather a real display surface on which to place vases, decorations or magazines, thus expressing the personality of the owner. However, the beauty and design of a parlour table derives mainly from its pure aesthetics, regardless of superstructures or knick-knacks. In fact, it is the warmth of solid wood, the sculptural beauty of marble bases or tops, or the transparency and reflections of its crystal structure that define the stylistic lines of the room that houses a living room table, materials that enhance the table both individually and in combination. ... More ... less


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