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JULEP | Day bed By Tacchini


Fabric day bed

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Organic and versatile in shape, the new Julep is a natural extension, in both practicality and beauty, of the existing range of Julep best sellers.‎ Updated in size, with even more distinct asymmetries, the new model looks like a chaise-longue, paired with an even larger and more enveloping round ottoman, 1.‎20 meters in diameter.‎ Like the other members of the Julep family, the new chaise-longue boasts a lightweight structure, thanks to the recessed base that invisibly lifts it off the floor, without sacrificing any of its magnificent elegance and style.‎

Soft, enveloping shapes characterize this family of upholstered pieces.‎ Julep is influenced by the 1950s Avant-Garde movement, drawing upon its simplicity and grandeur, refined by a contemporary, romantic, feminine allure.‎ Star of the series is the sofa, whose generous rounded lines provided evolutionary DNA for the entire collection – including an armchair, a chaise-longue and an ottoman – in an interplay of proportions and shapes that gave rise, little by little, to all the other versions.‎ Fully upholstered, the seats look ample and full, yet convey a sense of lightness, thanks to the recessed base that invisibly lifts them off the floor.‎ Designed for home decor, their inviting appeal encourages cozy comfort and relaxation, making the Julep seating options also ideally suited to contract venues.‎

Materials and finishes
Internal frame: poplar and birch plywood 18 mm thick, with elastic belts.‎
Padding: differentiated density polyurethane foam.‎
Base: poplar plywood 3 mm thick covered with the same fabric of the product.‎
Upholstery: non removable cover.‎

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Julep Collection by Tacchini
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