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Unica™ is a multi-function bench that combines the functionalities of a professional product, the attention to detail and the materials characteristic of designer furniture.
Do you have little time to spare and want to workout at home?
With Unica™, one of the products in the Home Fitness Strength line, you can easily perform over 25 different exercises in just one and a half square metres, without having to change any of its parts.
For the first time, you can make use of all the opportunities offered in a commercial gym in your own home too, thanks to a product designed and made by Technogym which combines design and professional performances.
You can use Unica™ to target whichever muscle groups you want to strengthen.
If you use the equipment constantly, you can improve the tone and elasticity of your muscles, keep fit, and improve your flexibility and posture, while if you are an athlete, you can also supplement your physical training.

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The characteristics of Unica™
Over 25 exercises in just one and a half square metres

Thanks to the exclusive system of levers devised by Technogym, with Unica™ you can perform over 25 different exercises just by selecting the workload you want to use. Biomechanical principles and the easy-start system ensure that you use the equipment correctly and safely.Anatomical padding make you more comfortable while you are performing the exercises and the equipment also has a small footprint: it only takes up one and a half square metres of space.


The structural and quality characteristics of Unica™ are identical to those of equipment used in commercial gyms.Made with high quality materials and with great attention to detail, it is painted with thermosetting powder coatings and has padding upholstered with luxury materials.The chrome plating of all the levers and the careful design of all the moving parts (pulleys, bearings, bushes, etc.) ensure that this product maintains its functionality and attractive appearance over time.


Unica™ has been designed and made according to the fundamental biomechanical principles and bearing in mind the best anatomical and physiological positions applied by Technogym in its professional equipment.
This is why it is safe and guarantees workouts with no risk of muscular injury or inflamed joints.

Guided trajectories and set postures make it suitable for you, even if you are performing workouts with high workloads for the first time.

Its settings permit you to optimise your posture and begin the exercise without an excessive initial overload.

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