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Run Personal is the design treadmill born out of the most innovative technologies developed by the Technogym research centre and the design flair of Antonio Citterio and his assistant Toan Nguyen.‎
The UNITY cardio screen uses Android technology to create a truly personalised, intuitive training experience.‎
Create the perfect mix in a training session that is effective, fun and engaging.‎ While the body trains, the mind soars free, creating an unrivalled synergy between mind and body.‎
A perfect synthesis of cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and quality materials, Run Personal is the perfect treadmill for the home, hotels, spas, and all environments dedicated to exercise.‎ The elegance of the design and the search for prized materials, never used before in a treadmill, make it unique of its kind.‎
Run Personal is the state-of-the-art solution for those who seek a professional training experience but also want to be entertained.‎ UNITY is the multimedia interface equipped with Internet connectivity and a built-in, 19” screen for viewing and listening to video and audio content whilst working out.‎
The large running surface, the emergency stop button, and the easy adjustments for speed and incline make training comfortable and safe.‎

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Why Run Personal?

Unique Design
Run Personal is the only treadmill that combines cutting-edge technology with innovative, unbeatable design where polished aluminium, soft-touch plastic, and glass come together to create an ideal object for the home, hotel, or spa. Run Personal features the largest HD-Ready (19") touch screen in tempered glass.

UNITY - for an engaging training session

With the UNITY interface, developed on an Android platform, you can browse the Internet and do your favourite things while you train. Visit your favourite websites, watch TV and relax with entertaining games. And these are only some of what you can do while you train.

On UNITY you can simulate outdoor routes, link up with your friends or trainer via Skype and even share a photo of your training session using the Selfie App. The Plex App allows you to connect the UNITY display with your other devices to access your favourite films, images and music on the console.


Internet access for endless browsing

TV (Built-in IPTV to receive a TV signal also via a computer network)

Radio for listening to your favourite music while you train

USB flash drive slot for viewing/listening to any multimedia content

Games to relax you or stretch your mind while training your body

Plug & Train to help you save your training session on the specially designed memory device

Easy to use

Its reliability and safety make the treadmill suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Slip-resistant handles

Fast track paddles easily control speed and gradient

Hand sensors

Slip-resistant deck

Runner detection

Emergency stop button

Childproof Keyboard block

The benefits of training

Run Personal is a machine that simulates walking and running - aerobic activities that can be performed with varying degrees of intensity - besides being useful for joint rehabilitation and cardiovascular exercises as well.

Thus the range of target users is both wide and diversified: from those who practice sports at competitive level - for targeted cardiovascular training sessions - to people who desire achieving and maintaining a good level of physical fitness.

Run Personal is the ideal treadmill for:

Experiencing the same sensations felt during normal outdoor running.

Training the cardio-respiratory system while monitoring the heart rate.

Keeping fit by losing weight and monitoring body weight.

Toning muscles by strengthening the lower limbs in particular.

Combating stress by training mind and body.

How to train on Run Personal

A number of different exercises are possible:

Goal-based exercises. The duration of these exercises is determined by the time elapsed, calories consumed, or distance covered.

Exercises regulated by heart rate: these exercises are performed at a constant heart rate, so a heart rate monitor is required.

Advanced exercises: these exercises consist of multiple steps, with load changes set in advance or by the user.

Test: a fitness test is available.

Simulated routes: follow interactive routes

Challenges between different users

For home

When you're in your own home, training with Run Personal is even more comfortable. Wrap-around lines, high class design, and “soft touch” materials like tempered glass and aluminium make training a unique sensory experience.

Do you lack the time to fit exercise into your hobbies? With UNITY, now you can find the right motivation for your training, and have fun while working on your physical health. The revolutionary built-in display allows you to access images, videos, music, Internet and challenge yourself and others during your everyday exercise routine.

For hotels and spas

Run Personal meets the needs of a professional wellness area focused on unique and exclusive design. The beauty of the lines and prized materials are appealing even to the most demanding users. What's more, is the most advanced system for supporting training as well as the services offered in hotels and spas:

Guide Me is the explanatory video library on how to best use Technogym equipment.

Club area and Communicator create direct communications with users making it possible to send motivational and/or promotional messages.

Plug & Train uses the Wellness System™ drive to provide an effective support for training.

Stay connected through Technogym's mywellness Cloud Train at home, at the gym, in your hotel or in the Spa and keep track of your workout and progress through your connected fitness equipment, smartphone or tablet.

201 x 80 x 147 cm | 170 kg

Personal Line Collection by Technogym
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