Anti-seismic device, insulator, dissipator

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Anti-seismic device, insulator, dissipator

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The cladding of columns and column-beam nodes, the so-called "jacketing", is an effective reinforcement technique obtained by ringing the original section with a reinforced concrete layer.
This technique has been applied for some time and is supported by clear regulatory references (Italian Technical Standards and Eurocode 8). With the appropriate attention to detail, a series of benefits are obtained simultaneously for the correction of construction defects typical of the past, such as the increase in stiffness, the increase in resistance to bending and shear, the increase in ductility, helping to
to easily achieve seismic upgrading in the majority of cases of professional practice.
Past experience has shown that the most frequent criticalities found in reinforced concrete buildings are connected to the incorrect closure of the brackets, made by simple overlapping with a 90° bend, and to the absence of brackets in the columns at the intersection with the beams.

The TECHNARIA GTS COUPLER allow for the best possible “jacket” of reinforced concrete structures in the seismic areas; the special GTS joints with mechanical clamping have the peculiarity of being able to achieve the continuity of the brackets in the event of jacketing of beam-column joints and columns and, thanks to the very small dimensions of the sleeve and the special laying tools, allow for the creation of reinforced concrete liners with a thickness contained within 6/7 cm. The choice of a mechanical joint in seismic areas is mandatory in areas of plastic hinge, as the standards do not allow the use of welding in the head and foot of the column in order to avoid breakage of a fragile type.
The brackets mechanically closed with the TECNARIA GTS joints represent the "safety belt" of the reinforced concrete buildings.

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Further details
Technical Conferences on Jacketing
Tecnaria organizes technical conferences throughout Italy that allow professionals to learn more about the seismic upgrading of reinforced concrete structures with the technique of jacketing.
Find out at this link if there is an appointment at your province


At the end of the works, participants will be given a free technical/practical handbook that explores the themes of reinforcement.
Technical Features
GTS Coupler
Specification: Axial joint for GTS bars made of electrolytically galvanized steel C45, square cross-section,with threaded centre hole for the mechanical joining of reinforcing bars 8, 10 and 12 mm in diameter by means of nails of 5 mm diameter in high resistance galvanized steel inserted in the relative holes by means of special hydraulic pliers.
GIUNZIONE GTS per barre ad aderenza migliorata di Ø8 mm (dimensioni 20x20x90mm); Ø10 mm (dimensioni 25x25x100mm); Ø12 mm (dimensioni 25x25x130mm).

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