Tecsound BAB Fabric hanging acoustic panel


BAB By Tecsound


Fabric hanging acoustic panel

BAB is the world's first Cofrac-certified spherical acoustic solution, which redefines the aesthetics and functionality of your interior spaces.‎ BAB, Beautiful Acoustic Ball, is characterised by its shape and its infinite modularity according to your preferences.‎ Each BAB consists of four essential elements: the rose, the cable, the cup and the globe.‎ These elements are available in a multitude of colours and shapes, allowing you to create a unique, customised acoustic solution for every project.‎

Infinite customisation options:

  • Four sizes of globes to suit all spaces.‎
  • Three dome finishes for a touch of sophistication.‎
  • Twenty colours to perfectly match your décor.‎
  • Three cable colours for discreet or bold integration.‎
  • Twenty-one cup options for endless combinations.‎

With BAB, give free rein to your creativity and design acoustic solutions that not only improve the acoustics of your spaces, but also add a unique aesthetic dimension.‎ Transform every space into a work of sonic art with BAB, where every detail counts.‎

Technical specifications : 

Dimensions of the BAB :

  • Size S: Ø 31 cm
  • Size M: Ø 42 cm
  • Size L: Ø 52 cm
  • Size XL: Ø 62 cm

Number of BABs per fixing point:

  • UNO - 1 BAB
  • DUO - 2 BAB
  • TRIO - 3 BAB
  • QUATRO - 4 BAB
  • CINQUO - 5 BAB

Cup colours available:

  • White
  • Brass
  • Black

Choice of rope colour :

  • White
  • Black
  • Linen

BAB solutions are Cofrac-certified (from FRANCE) for their effectiveness in sound correction

Further info from manufacturer on BAB Tecsound
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Size S: Ø 31 cm
Size M: Ø 42 cm
Size L: Ø 52 cm
Size XL: Ø 62 cm

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