Tessitura Tele Metalliche Rossi PLAIN DUTCH FILTER CLOTH Wire mesh for industrial use


PLAIN DUTCH FILTER CLOTH By Tessitura Tele Metalliche Rossi


Wire mesh for industrial use

This kind of Wire Mesh is characterised by a warp wire distanced from one another and with a diameter yarn exceeding the weft wire.‎ The weft wire is strongly weaved toghether creating greater strength and filtering power than that of Solid Weaved Cloth Filtration is not perpendicular to the arrangement of the cloth, but trasversal.‎ Wire clothes are basic components in the production of filters.‎
Standard: S.‎S.‎ Inox Aisi 304,Brass, Low Carbon.‎
Non Standard: S.‎S.‎ Inox Aisi 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 314, 410, 430, Cromax, Incoloy, Alloy Ni-Cr, Inconel, Nichel, Monel, Titanium, Duplex, Carbon Steel, Galvanised steel.‎
Product features
High filtering capability at high pressure - great dimensional strength and stability - anticut - fireproof - anticorrosion according to the material used - wide range available in stock
Fire behaviour
All our fabrics weaved entirely with metallic wires without surface finish are incombustible (Class A1), according to the Decision 96/603/CE of the European Commission.‎ For this class of materials it is not requested a Certificate.‎ 

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