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Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments


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Measurement, control, thermographic and infrared instruments

With the testo 400, Testo has cleverly extended its range of measurement technology for all volume flow and comfort measurements.‎ The universal testo 400 is not just smarter, faster and better – it is also seamlessly integrated into Testo’s comprehensive IAQ range.‎ The range of probes for the new measuring instrument is among the broadest on the market.‎ In addition to this, the Testo Smart Probes can also be connected to the universal measuring instrument.‎ The testo 400 itself offers innovative functions which make the user’s job easier in every way, and allow reliable, norm-compliant measurement incl.‎ documentation.‎

Fast on
The new testo 400 allows all probes to be quickly and easily exchanged during the measurement.‎ This eliminates the need for a bothersome instrument re-start, and the waiting times involved for booting and shutting down.‎

Measurement assistant
The testo 400 features clearly structured and unambiguously guided measurement menus which guide the user safely and easily through the whole application.‎ A traffic-light system evaluates the measurement results objectively and unambiguously – for norm-compliant and error-free measurement results in all volume flow and comfort measurements.‎

Universally applicable
Thanks to the broad selection of probes, all IAQ, ventilation and comfort parameters can be precisely and reliably measured.‎ The IAQ portfolio covers digital Bluetooth probes, digital cable probes, the Testo Smart Probes as well as NTC and TC temperature probes (Type K).‎ Five digital PT100 temperature probes are new in the range.‎

Always ready to go
If probes need to be calibrated, this is possible independently of the measuring instrument.‎ The testo 400 can continue to be used with other probes while the affected probe heads are in service for calibration.‎

Saving time
Instead of having to go back to the office after the measurement, the documentation of the measurement job can be finished directly on site with the customer.‎ The measurement reports incl.‎ measurement values and customer data can be conveniently sent by e-mail, and are also stored in the instrument.‎

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