Textiles and rugs

Textiles play a primary role in defining the style of a space. The perception on an environment can be influenced by the colors, patterns and materials used to cover the seating, cushions, bedrooms, or to make curtains and rugs. The effects you can get with fabrics are endless, from the classic colors and patterns coordinated sets, to the more contemporary tone-on-tone, up to the daring contrasting combinations. On Archiproducts textiles and rugs section you will be able to find all that you need in order to dress your house with style and elegance.

Textiles and rugs to customize your home

Far from being mere accessories, textiles can add character to a room making it warm and cozy. Furthermore, textiles can contribute revamping a quite outdated look without changing the furniture. The elements that certainly have a huge impact on the environment are with no doubt the covering of sofas, armchairs, beds and curtains, next to curtains and rugs. Many are the factors that come into play when choosing a fabric. One among them is style, the color palette of the environment and its functionality. The most current trends on the style matter see ethnic and Scandinavian style fabrics on the foreground. Japanese and design textiles are more suitable for more sophisticate environments, while those who have more traditional tastes can opt for classic-inspired textiles with flower patterns, striped or damask. Leather can be a great alternative to fabric, a material of endless elegance, also suitable for those who live with their four-legged friends. As a matter of fact, leather is easy to clean, does not retain hair and is more resistant to scratches than fabric. To make the seats in the living room even more comfortable, cushions and a pair of plaids to stay warm in the winter evenings are a must. Many companies offer upholstery fabrics suitable for covering seats, walls and to make curtains, in coordination or with combinations that play on mixtures of patterns, colors and textures. Finally, the market offers a wide range of antibacterial fabrics, a product of great relevance at current, given the need for sanitization and Coronavirus prevention.

Linen and accessories, the details that make the difference

The world of textile is characterized by a wide variety of accessories that complete a furnishing project and contribute to comfort and functionality. These are those little tiny details that make the whole difference and that make an environment harmonious and cozy. The bedroom is the room of the house where fabric accessories are more than anywhere the protagonist. The choice of the bedroom linen, not only affects wellness, but also the overall aesthetics. Bed sheets made with quality yarns help to conciliate a regenerating sleep, while quilts, duvets and blankets protect from the cold and transform the bed into a snug nest. Kitchen textiles play a main role too, starting from textiles to dress the table, such as tablecloths and placements, up to handy and essential accessories such as dish cloths, aprons and pot holders. Chair covers contribute to protect and preserve the most precious seats, while kitchen rugs, mats and doormats help to keep the floor clean. Finally, chair trimmings are a versatile and refined decorative element, intended for environments furnished in classic style, but also in ethnic or eclectic style.

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