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Toilet seats

Toilet seats are essential for your comfort on the toilet. Considering the wide range of sizes and shapes in which toilets come in, you need to follow some guidelines to choose the right one. First, have a look at all the types of seats on the market to establish which one suits your toilet. To do that, observe the toilet from above and compare the shape with the seats offered by the manufacturers. You can also cut out the shape of it and compare it to the models in the shops. It’s very important to choose the right shape because if the seat and toilet don’t match, the rubber feet of the seat won’t be placed correctly and it will break the hinges very rapidly. Once established its shape, consider the size and measure the centre hinge to centre hinge distance, the width of the seat ring, the distance between the centre hinge and the frontal edge of the seat. You also have to consider the position of the hinges (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) and the fastening system.

Once you’ve selected size and shape, you can choose several optionals. For example, soft close toilet seats let you open and close the seat noiselessly. To avoid that bad cold feeling when you sit on it, you can choose a heated toilet seat in which a low voltage electric coil will heat up the seat to a 20 – 25°C temperature. If you are looking for a full optional seat, choose an electronic toilet seat that heats up the seat, washes you and dries you up. They are a Japanese invention and come with a digital control panel to adjust water temperature and pressue, drying air temperature and air pipe position to adapt it to all your personal needs.

What about the materials? Usually toilet seats are made of MDF, ABS, thermosetting resin or plastic (polypropilene or polyester). The seat is rarely made of wood because of hygienic issues. For their durability and hygienic reasons we recommend thermosetting resin or polyester. The Duroplast (thermosetting urea) seats are really performing because they are resistant to mechanical and hygienic strain thanks to their non-porous material. Their surface is rigid and gives a porcelain sensation. Thermoplast (polypropilene) toilet seats are quite elastic and can withstand remarkable weights. ... More ... less
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