Towel racks

Towel racks are among the most important bathroom accessories. You need a 40-60 cm rack near the washbasin and a smaller one next to the bidet. You need a 60 cm one near the bathrub or the shower at a 120 cm height to avoid towels touching the floor.

You can choose among different shapes, from the classic tower rails available in different lengths to the minimal towel hooks to the more elegant wall mounted towel rings.

Wall mounted or floor standing? The wall mounted ones are fixed with fasteners and are convenient because they don’t take space on the floor. They have to be installed properly to last in time. If the wall is tiled you better drill at the intersection between tiles. The standing towel racks are easy to place but they take space on the pavement and you need to move them when cleaning. You can also get bathroom cabinets with built-in towel racks.

Which finishings shall you choose? It depends on your bathroom’s style. Classic style? The brass racks with vintage finishing go well together with walnut or cherry wood furniture and curvy white vitreous china fittings. Provencal style bathroom? Wrought iron and ceramic details are ideal matches for pickled wood and flower decorations. Old England style? Curvy, shiny chromed towel racks with decorated washers that remind of the star shaped tap knobs. Contemporary bathroom? Minimalist shapes, straight lines and chrome finishings matched with satinized glass details will complete the room. If you choose a plastic model, you can dare with vivid colors in bathrooms: yellow, orange, purple, red. Black, grey, white for urban style bathrooms. Browse our towel racks and find your favorite one on Archiproducts!

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