Towel warmers

The towel warmers are elements that combine the typical function of heating the environment with a careful aesthetics and the use of innovative materials. Over time, towel warmers have been transformed into real bathroom accessories that contribute to the aesthetics of a furnishing project, often reevaluating and renewing the room in which they are located. For example, chrome-plated towel warmers with their glossy finishes and wide colour range are currently among the favourite models on the market. Then, the towel warmers differ from each other according to the type of power supply: electric towel warmers, hot water and dual power meet the infrared models and can be installed on the wall, floor or ceiling.

Form and function: the towel warmer that furnishes the bathroom

The towel warmer is available on the market in a series of different finishes and materials and this allows you to consider it a real object of design. The aluminium towel warmer is one of the most common, together with the steel towel warmer: the difference between the two does not lie in the thermal performance but in the typical characteristic of steel to contribute to the modern bathroom with its strong stage presence. Both models are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and the choice usually falls on horizontal towel warmers and vertical towel warmers. The former are suitable for those who have more space available, while the latter are ideal for small bathrooms, as they develop in height and do not clutter horizontally.

Power supply and type of modern towel warmers for bathrooms

The towel warmer not only heats the room, but also allows towels and fabrics to be placed between the horizontal staves to dry them even on particularly wet days. The towel warmers can be of different types and vary mainly depending on the type of power supply. Electric towel warmers are not connected to the boiler but to the electrical system. The advantage of an electric towel warmer is that it can be switched on and off as needed and the on and off can be programmed using an external thermostat. The hot water towel warmers are connected to the boiler and work like a traditional radiator. There are also dual energy towel warmers or mixed towel warmers, which keep the boiler flow temperature quite low, but allow higher temperatures to be reached thanks to the presence of the electrical component.

Wall, ceiling, floor: where to install the towel warmer

The towel warmer can be mounted on a variety of supports and in a variety of different positions. The wall-mounted towel warmers are the most classic and traditional solution and are anchored to the wall by means of special plugs. The towel warmers for the ceiling, then, have the advantage of not cluttering the wall of the bathroom, but to spread heat from above and are usually used in very large spaces. An floor-standing towel warmer, on the other hand, looks very much like a radiator precisely because it rests on the floor through a special structure. A further solution is represented by mobile towel warmers, which allow to be moved to other parts of the room, for a localized heating.

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