Trona ECO Bioethanol table-top ceramic fireplace


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Bioethanol table-top ceramic fireplace

Eco Fireplace is a bioethanol fireplace, made of two-fired majolica, entirely by hand in the Trona workshop, which allows heat to radiate evenly by means of infrared rays, creating benefits similar to those of the sun.‎ Bioethanol, used to fill the cylindrical container inside the fireplace, is an odourless, smoke-free and non-toxic distillate of beetroot or natural cereals.‎ Combustion produces only water vapour (less than a humidifier) and carbon dioxide.‎
It is recommended to ventilate the room at least once a day; a normal kitchen air intake is sufficient.‎ The heat produced is not lost through the chimney and remains in the room with a 100% energy yield.‎ One litre of ethanol produces approx.‎ 7.‎16 KW of heating power.‎ The hourly consumption of Trona burners is approx.‎ 100 cc/hour.‎
Available in two sizes.‎

Fireplace material: 2-fired glazed ceramic
Burner material: stainless steel
Burner material inside the burner: rock wool
Fuel: bio ethanol
Capacity: cc 700
Hourly consumption: cc 100
Duration of charge up to the level as per instructions: approx.‎ 7 hours
Flame extinguisher: included

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Ø 35 x H. 65 cm
Weight: 12 Kg

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