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STEP-BY-STEP By Tubes Radiatori


Dual energy extruded aluminium decorative radiator

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Step-by-Step has a solid aluminium body with a surface broken up into pleated elliptical modules.‎ The observer’s look determines its beauty: depending on the point of view, the perspective changes the object’s shape.‎ Games of light and shadow rouse ever different emotions.‎ The overlapping elements are like pages of a book perused gently and they afford a vibrant sense of motion.‎
The radiator can be installed individually or side-by-side with another, thereby creating four possible configurations.‎ The modules can in fact both be directed towards the left or both towards the right, or in two opposite directions and when combined with the available heights, make a generous twenty different combinations possible.‎ Furthermore, thanks to its limited protrusion of just 7.‎8 cm from the wall, Step-by-Step is ideal for furnishing confined spaces, as it saves space too.‎
Technology is present but entirely hidden.‎ Not even a scrupulous examination from the side will reveal visible technical components such as supports or unions.‎ Step-by-Step is a clean, slimline, linear object that rests gracefully against the wall, achieving impeccable clean-cut shapes.‎
Heating occurs both by radiation through direct heat exchange, as well as by natural convection through the hot air circulating from the bottom up.‎Step-by-Step is available in the hydraulic, electric and mixed versions, the latter combining both technologies.‎
Step-by-Step is naturally suitable for the bathroom thanks also to the addition of its accessories.‎ The towel-rail and the hook allow users to hang up bath towels, bathrobes and hand towels, blending in seamlessly with the design without forgetting about everyday practicality.‎ Both accessories are available coloured, or glossy or satin finish chromed.‎

Extruded aluminium

On request, Step-by-Step is also available in the matt colours of the Tubes range.‎

Power source:
Hydraulic, electric and mixed

Towel rail in Glossy Chrome Grey or Satin Chrome Grey

The Elements collection is the expression of a desire to eliminate stereotypes and pre-established industrial design processes.‎ In a society that is free from conditioning, objects - whatever kind they may be - can “release themselves” too; that is to say, they can eliminate technical aesthetics and undergo design modifications.‎ So freeing a radiator from its valves and position these at a distance of as much as six metres, thanks to a patented built-in unit, is equivalent to freeing it from its typical technical appearance.‎ This brings about new possibilities of interpretation of form according to aesthetic-intellectual rules that differ from previous ones.‎ For this reason, along with the Basics and Extras collections, the company introduced the Elements collection, created by architects and designers of international renown.‎ Elements becomes a “container of ideas” where the designers are called upon to create radiators that are more closely linked with the aesthetics of the home, where the sensual warmth of heating products is integrated into the architectural space with the same dignity and importance in project terms as other contemporary interior decoration elements.‎

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Single module: W 32 cm H 200 cm, 180 cm, 160 cm, 140 cm, 120 cm
Double module: W 56 cm H 200 cm, 180 cm, 160 cm, 140 cm, 120 cm

Elements Collection by Tubes Radiatori
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