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Modular wall-mounted towel warmer

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ORIGAMI | Wall-mounted decorative radiator By Tubes Radiatori


Modular wall-mounted towel warmer



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The wall-mounted version was devised with a single or double element.‎ In the double version, the movement of the two modules emulates a butterfly beating its wings, radiating heat and changing when needed into an elegant retractable towel rail.‎ Unlike traditional radiators, with Origami towels are completely enveloped and hidden from view when the radiator is folded up onto the wall, optimizing space.‎

The idea stems from the desire to create an object with a simple, fluid shape.‎ A sort of screen that can be folded back, like a folding screen.‎ I like thinking of objects which are essential but conceal a perfected technological complexity.‎ Today, we need to surround ourselves with friendly elements, with a clear image yet with a dynamic behaviour”.‎ Alberto Meda

Origami, designed by Alberto Meda, is a high efficiency electric plug & play radiator capable of producing heat for any room thanks to a significant yet discrete presence.‎ It liaises with its surroundings, offering the possibility of separating two rooms, of preserving privacy, of enhancing the atmosphere of discretion, increasing the feeling of well-being.‎
Origami protects, heats and gives character to the environment in a lightweight, sinuous way, without setting limits, but with the sole purpose of recreating the sacredness of our private and essential interior space; it is a poetic, sinuous, jointed and flexible item of interior décor, which gives rise to product types and configurations based on a rounded module alternating voids with the heating core.‎
Today Origami becomes part of the new Plug&Play collection presented by Tubes on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018.‎ This collection marks the starting point of the unprecedented concept of personal warmth: the heating objects, free from installation constraints, go beyond the static nature of architecture and open up to the human dimension which, by definition, is in constant movement and evolution.‎
100% recyclable aluminium
Standard colours:
Matt Traffic White
Light Grey Satin
Pearl Mouse Grey
Mica Black
Matt Ruby Red
Power source:
Electric plug & play
Max 1200W
Accessories: Bathrobe/towel hanger available in Chrome Satin, Chrome Glossy or Coloured.‎

The power cable is in red fabric; it is available in blue fabric upon request.‎ The feet and the hinges are available in polished aluminium, in anodised silver aluminium or in the same colour of the radiator.‎

Tubes has thought of a different kind of heat introducing at the 2018 edition of the Salone Internazionale del Bagno the new Plug&Play collection, designed to fill a gap in the market.‎ An old way to live the warmth, as if it were an enveloping embrace, which characterizes men's lives since ancients times, and which Tubes translates into a collection with an electrical power source, which stands out for its design and ability to fit into every setting.‎ Tubes interprets different lifestyles and the most modern concept of well-being.‎ Not only is living space changing in a world that is more and more interconnected, but also people's lifestyles and needs.‎ Going beyond the basic concept of generating heat and taking environmental sustainability for granted, the products in Tubes' Plug&Play line defy the static nature of architecture and open up to the human dimension which, by definition, is constantly moving and evolving, thus marking the starting point of a new concept of personal warmth’.‎ A personal warmth that is also featured in the beauty of the shapes and of the design, like in every product by Tubes.‎ A new era is inaugurated: that of a thermal comfort which not only gets closer to the body, and not the contrary, but which, thanks to its design component, also contributes to physical and emotional wellness, given by the pleasure of surrounding yourself with an aesthetically pleasing heat.‎

Further info from manufacturer on ORIGAMI | Wall-mounted decorative radiator Tubes Radiatori
Origami wall version - single module
H 120,0 cm x 250 watt
H 160,0 cm x 400 watt

Origami wall version - double module
H 120,0 cm x 550 watt
H 160,0 cm x 800 watt

Plug&Play Collection by Tubes Radiatori
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