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Polyurethane air purifier / heater fan

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Polyurethane air purifier / heater fan


Polyurethane (PU)

Design Year

Astro* eludes every definition which could connect it to existing products.‎ It is a thermo ventilator, an air purifier, a furnishing element: it is a small spaceship which is about to take flight, to explore the space and then land.‎ It is a small electric heating object which effortlessly brings warmth where it is needed and then, surprisingly, purifies the air.‎ Astro can be all of this and much more.‎
Heat and air, two primary needs for the human being, represent the essence of this object, which contains the technology required to independently perform two functions: heating and purifying.‎
Versatility is the key word of this project, both in terms of shape and use.‎ Thanks to its simple, minimal and slightly retro design, Astro can be positioned anywhere in the house or in the office, while its double function makes it suitable for use at any time of the year, even during the hot months when heating is not required but you want a clean environment with purified air.‎
The on and off functions, as well as the heat intensity, can be adjusted thanks to touch controls set on the structure, or through an application for Android and IOS via Bluetooth, working inside the house.‎ When it is switched on, the upper part of Astro is raised and the ventilation that purifies the air starts at low speed.‎ Subsequently, using the touch controls, the flow of hot air can be activated and adjusted as preferred on two levels of intensity, plus the booster function for two hours.‎ After Astro has been switched off, the ventilation continues for about thirty seconds, after which the upper part lowers independently.‎
The purification function is permitted by an active carbon F7 filter.‎ The filter cleans the air (with 85%-95% efficiency for particles up to 1 micron) purifying the environment almost completely from pollen, bacteria, mould and spores, for example.‎ The active carbon added to the filter works to capture odours with almost 98% efficiency and eliminates anything that can spoil the freshness of the air.‎ Cigarette smoke, smells from the kitchen or from unventilated rooms are absorbed and neutralised, improving the quality of the air.‎

Power source: Electric plug & play
Power: Max 1200W 

*The product is not yet available.‎

W 38 cm x D 23 cm x H 44/75 cm
(two standard sets of feet with different heights are provided / due set di piedi con altezze diverse forniti di serie)

Matt Quartz Grey
Matt Silk Grey
Matt Ocean Blue
Matt Coral Red

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