TV cabinets

Always, within the domestic environment, it has felt the need to furnish the spaces giving the places precise functions. A TV cabinet is the first to respond to a twofold function: to provide support for the TV and at the same time to furnish the living area by offering compartments for the insertion of games, consoles, decoders, DVD/Blu-Ray players, or simply everything that may be needed in the living area. With this precious piece of furniture it is therefore possible to organize the space in a functional way: this is the case of TV furniture with drawers, for example, or TV furniture with cable duct system, specifically designed to hide cables from view, avoiding clutter.
The TV cabinet is the natural evolution of the cupboard that has changed its style by inserting itself in a practical, functional and harmonious way in the modern home.

How to choose a TV cabinet?

From simple storage cabinets to real design objects, TV cabinets are part of the storage systems and table tops. The first parameter to take into account when choosing a TV cabinet is the size of the room available: keeping the ideal distance from the TV cabinet from the point of view will allow you to use the TV safely. The current models can also include solutions to be inserted in small spaces, such as corner TV cabinets, or avoid the encumbrance of hinged doors by choosing TV cabinets with sliding doors.
For larger environments, however, you can let your imagination run wild with the many possibilities that this product can give. You can combine other functions to this furniture making it one of the main elements of your living room: the TV furniture with bookcase will allow you to give importance to the wall of the TV perfectly furnishing your living room in a complete way; the double-sided TV furniture will allow you to divide the living room into several areas in a simple and effective way.

The Hi-tech evolution of TV furniture

On the market there is a wide range of TV furniture complete with a series of accessories, complements and options that make it more comfortable to use the TV: the TV furniture with integrated speakers solve the problem of positioning the speakers, avoiding to insert speakers into the living area in an unsightly way.
The remote management of this furniture is one of the latest innovations. Equipped with a mechanism for movement, simply through the use of a remote control you can use the motorized TV furniture making the television disappear inside it, or directing it at best for optimal viewing. In fact, the choice of a swivel TV cabinet is ideal for ultra-flat and curved screens.

Minimal versions of the TV cabinet

As with all common furniture, the TV cabinet fits easily into your environment. The most modern version is the suspended TV cabinet, which integrates perfectly in minimal environments where everything is reduced to the essentials. Suspended, this furniture is light even if many functions are contained within it. Its functionality can be taken to the extreme of the minimal essence of concealed TV furniture: if necessary, the furniture hides, or reveals the presence of television, small or large, to the guests of the living room.

TV furniture: a material for every style

As far as materials are concerned, the classic choice almost always falls on wooden TV furniture. The various essences allow the use in the most classic environments up to the most modern ones, experimenting with new combinations and customizable solutions. Wood can be the main material or it can be placed side by side with glass, allowing TV accessories, such as decoders or various consoles, to be used even at a distance through their remote controls, without making it necessary to open a door and avoiding that dust deposits on your devices.
For a contemporary living design you can also consider the choice of steel TV furniture, using metal as the main material and choosing less classic forms.
If you choose a glass TV cabinet instead, your TV will seem to float in the air, making the cabinet almost invisible.
Whatever your choice of material, the TV furniture with wheels will make dynamic positioning of the TV inside your living room, which can be viewed from the comfort of your sofa or, moving it easily, directly from your dining table.

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