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Aluminium modular formwork

Light, safe, highly efficient and excellent concrete finishing.‎
The CC-4 is a recoverable modular aluminium formwork optimised for the construction of solid or lightened slabs with excellent concrete finishes.‎

Two modes of assembly are possible, with panels or plywood:

- CC-4 PANEL System
Is perfect for large slabs in building construction, with regular geometry and spans between columns, and high demands for finishing quality.‎ Is consisting of dropheads CC, beams CC, transversals CC TE and panels.‎
Panels make up the biggest part of the form face.‎ With the basic grid 2.‎ 32 m x 1.‎ 5 m, a prop rate of 0.‎ 29 props/m2 can be achieved.‎

- CC-4 PLY System
It is designed for slabs of any kind of geometry and high demands on finishing quality.‎ Is consisting of grid of dropheads CCT, beams CC, transversals CC TR and plywood.‎ The dropheads allow recovering beams, transversals and plywood.‎ Great flexibility.‎
Safe stripping due to drop-down system to lower the formwork (drop distance 15 cm)

- Lightness: high assembly efficiency
- The formwork face provides superior concrete finishing
- Stripping and material retrieval without the risk of falls: highest worker’s protection
- Formwork retrievable in 3 days.‎ Only the props with Dropheads CC remain as load-bearing items
- It allows the assembly of the grid previously to the placing of panels or plywood
- Great flexibility: it allows a change in beam direction, 90° assembly possible
- Efficient solutions for infillings on column and wall, perimeter protection and safety
- Slabs of up to 90 cm thickness, depending on grid size in use

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